Humans from God’s perspective

I often wondered how God interprets humanity’s tenacity? I guess this episode gave me my answer.

I find it oddly fitting that we humans ought to resemble the Queerats in this setting. From olden times, we struggle to survive, we face calamities, we have seen our people killed due to plagues and disasters yet in the end, we persevere. We live on and cling to life. And what Kiromarou said here made perfect sense. Ironic as it is, it was men who first lived like that. The queerats may surrender themselves to humanity’s will (or to the divine power) but it doesn’t mean it gave up on its will to live.

Quite comedic, if you ask me. How humans act like Gods due to their developed powers, face the threat of the uprising of a lesser species. Species they created with a fragment of their intelligence. If a God existed somewhere and created humanity thanks to their technology, then won’t our lives be the same as the Queerats? Will our struggles be any different from theirs?

I guess what really struck home was Kiroumaru’s conversation with Saki. I don’t know what Yakomaru’s intentions were but Kiromarou’s wish to protect his people from the irrationality of humans was a sound argument from someone who, deep in his heart, desires freedom.

I guess Shun is correct in Kiroumaru being the key to their problems. Perhaps, what his true purpose is is for humanity to remember their origins through Saki. That they too were much like the Queerats who struggled, despite all odds, to survive.


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