The Boss Appears

While Ai is powerful enough to give flavor to this series, comes an unexpected boss character to turn everything upside down. Oddly enough, I felt sorry for Masuzu when Eita’s aunt saw through her game. I don’t know what happens now but I am interested in in these turn of events. Is she the real obstacle that each girl must face or will someone more annoying come along?

I wasn’t actually expecting Hime to actually put Chiwa in the last spot when it comes to breast sizes. Who would’ve thought she actually hid those in her plain, every day uniform?

I don’t know how popular this Epic Ai meme is but I find it to be quite appealing. Ai has been carrying this show since her appearance and it kinda suits her and her impact to this series. On that note, I’m thankful to rori subs for putting this “epic” tag on her. Well, it may be the author’s intentions to make Ai awesome but still, without rori’s subs, the delivery and presentation of this series in the English language may not be as epic.


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  1. x
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 19:10:33

    lol. Ai is definitely epic in this show :p. So the aunt is the real deal ^^;? I didn’t see that coming XD. Well, not that many episodes left. I’m really going to miss Epic Ai when this ends T_T.


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