Life’s Lemons

They defintiely did an amazing job for the drama in this climax. Suffering three defeats and falling into despair is the most critical blow mainly for Sorata and Nanami and while it may be cruel for me to say it, I loved how they expressed their emotions under such plight.

It’s probably the strongest scene that I could relate myself with, the biggest tear that I once shed, and the hardest fall that I am familiar with that makes me appreciate that moment when Sorata fell and Nanami broke down.

And it’s true. The concept of Equivalent Exchange does not exist. Not every dedicated effort is well rewarded. No matter how much one bleeds, the ability of a person to shine will always be limited. It’s his surroundings, his environment, his genes, his destiny. Talented people who are born to rise will rise while others are meant to fall. And while anime have taught us to never give up, not everyone can tolerate and endure such sacrifices for long. People break down. They grow tired of the struggles and will someday give up their fights.

But I guess, as losers, that’s what we should be doing. Looking back, Sorata and Nanami have exerted the greatest effort for their dreams. They were the ones who gave up so much with little to no payoff. It is too much of a hopeful thought but still, people who return back to the start always have nothing left to lose. Sorata and Nanami always start with nothing when they go back to the start of the track but they start their races with everything. They always give their all, no matter how much of a drag their circumstances are.

We don’t know how things will turn out after this. Mashiro acting on her own implies that Sorata may lose her and I don’t know how he’ll be able to carry the weight of that one important loss. Whether Sorata sacrifices his dreams to support Mashiro and her path as a mangaka or how he and Nanami plans to fight back life’s bullshit is a mystery but, I still hope for a happy ending. For all of them.


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  1. x
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 14:37:28


    Agree with everything you said here. This was very well portrayed. Like you, I still hope for a happy ending. Not that many episodes left. Hope it will be good.


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