The Forgotten

And that concludes Ai’s epic arc! I do like how Ai felt as if she already secured her position as #1 waifu. I mean, the jealousy jealoushit she emits against the other girls doesn’t fall along the likes of stalker/admirer/childhood friend but from a lover. Well, Masuzu may hold Eita by the leash but my delusions I believe that it is Ai who genuinely professes true love to Eita. With that promise to him 10 years ago and all.

With Ai joining the harem and continuing with their club activities, there is still one issue left unresolved. What secret does Ai know about Kaoru?


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  1. x
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 22:29:29

    Yeah, that tease about Kaoru was too much :p, and I get the feeling that we may never know the answer (with this anime any ways ^^;, no idea about the novel).

    Great episode. It almost feel as if Ai is the main heroine in this story XD, as I find the anime more enjoyable ever since her arc started and much more amusing whenever she is in the scene (is it the voice acting? Portrayal? Or is it something else? :p).

    They took nine episodes to introduce all the major characters in this anime (though I must say I wasn’t impressed with a number of the character intros, despite the time they took with them :p), and now there’s only four more episodes to go. I hope the remaining episodes will be as interesting as the last couple of episodes, but I have my doubts ^^;.


  2. baka~
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 09:36:54

    I guess the only thing left would be Masuzu’s family troubles which, if taken, would make her as the main lead of this series. And being an Ai supporter, I honestly don’t want that. But well, let’s just see whatever it is that they plan on showing for the remaining episodes. Having Ai is a blast and spiced things up. I do hope her presences keeps the entertainment value up.


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