Separation of Church and State


While this episode may be on a lesser scale of what some would brand as a scandal against the church, it is still proof of how most men convert the notion of religion to be a controlling force, one that keeps people in check and is the very seat of power that governs nations.

But what I liked in this episode, is the fact that it wasn’t all that offensive. After all, Female Knight is a representative of their order and seeing as how she used her influence to justify and defend the baseless accusations on the Scholar draws a line between those who use the organization for their own political gain and those who use it for the right intentions.

Of course, the Winter King is no different. Understanding from his perspective, his decision to hand her over weighs the influence of the church upon his people. It is logically impossible for a king to sacrifice his kingdom just for the life of one woman. What made it possible though is how seeing his people act on their own that made his resolution. After all, until you see how devoted a person is, not making the first move is the safest bet. By seeing their resolution in defying the church, it was a timely call that he extends the Scholar’s protection over his kingdom.

At first I was skeptical about Maid Ane’s character but after hearing her backstory, I guess that verifies how much she realize her powerlessness. She may be a crybaby but her tears are not without reason. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is born to have been given the comforts of life.

For enduring such hardships, props to you Maid Ane.


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  1. x
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 21:52:12

    Heh, this is why I hate human beings. Religious or not, we come up with various excuses to enslave and/or overpower others, and many of us (who would otherwise disagree) will willingly go along with it to get so called “peace”, “comfort”, “pride”, “power”, “protection” … etc.

    Well, this was a good episode. Powerfully portrayed. Sort of interesting with the emphasis of being human, in a world where demons are portrayed as just another human-like species XD. I had doubts about Maid Ane as a character as well, and this episode cleared most of them.

    What I’m wondering now, is how things are going to be wrapped up (or not ^^;) in the remaining three episodes :p. I’m pretty sure there is a lot more from the source material that wouldn’t fit in three episodes before the story comes to some sort of conclusion. I hope it will not be so, but get the feeling this might end up with the story left unsatisfactorily incomplete, with little hope that a new season will tell more :p (like a number of other ARMS anime).


  2. baka~
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 09:42:03

    Well, I don’t know about a new season but I find this series satisfactory despite that it kept on missing some finer details. Take for instance the mage that was in Yuusha’s party. They have been showing her but not her interactions with Yuusha and Mao, and even the dragon princess which feels like some prominent character.

    The series did a good way in showing the effects of war but it somewhat fails when it comes to character development.


  3. x
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 18:17:36

    Heh, the missing mage. Will see if she shows up later. Yeah, there are some details that seem to be missing, but I get the impression that the details will be filled in later, assuming they get enough episodes ^^;. Which usually would mean needing another season… OTL


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