Izayoi and Friends

This episode reminded me of how much I wanted to change the anime/manga series “Bleach” to “Ichigo and Friends” because in that series, it never did justify the other characters aside from Kurosaki Ichigo. Whatever screentime the others had, it was only for the plot device. There was no character improvement, no worth to delving deeper on what was portrayed of them.

And sadly, this episode is no different.

Mondaiji is an enjoyable series but seeing Izayoi basking in the limelight EVERY TIME is becoming boring. I mean, he has the brains and the power but what about the rest? Kurousagi usually refs and Shiroyasha has been hit by a major CC skill that rendered her useless despite being called as the “strongest”.

I won’t say that this was disappointing but asking one person to shoulder all the burden and glory is.


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  1. x
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 22:06:06

    Heh, this anime is simply too short for the number of “main” characters it has. If it gave the same amount of emphasis to all the characters, we would probably be complaining about the lack of focus XD. I really wonder what the source material looks like (still hoping someone will translate the novel :p), as it seems to me that it is a story that very very very slowly develop the characters, while quickly build up the world around them. As for Bleach, I tend to see every single character in the story as nothing more than a plot device, including Ichigo :p (which is one of the reasons I dropped it OTL).


  2. baka~
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 09:38:46

    Slow character development makes sense if it somewhat puts everyone on that level. Izayoi just kept pressing forward with brute force, leaving the rest behind. Besides, Kusakabe lost 2 major battles in a row. She may work well against mobs and minions but against prominent characters, she hasn’t done well… Unless you consider the griffin a prominent character -__-


  3. x
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 18:22:47


    True. Izayoi is overpowering. Specially when compared with the other two. There’s just not enough episodes to really tell the story well. With only ten episodes, and three main characters, I’m not sure how they could have done any better when adapting from a novel with many volumes.


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