The Chosen One

From someone who read the manga, I find this episode to be an absolute tease. I was expecting that they’d cover so much content as to detail the battles of the Esper Unit and how each went to their respective deaths but ending it with the dolphins and time-skipping it? Such a bummer!

But I still find that approach to be a nice touch. They divulged information of what happened then yet managed to keep some parts secret, perhaps so that the manga could still have much freedom exploring and connecting the past with the preset and probably, the future of the world of Zettai Karen Children.

And what makes this episode really good is how they “expanded” minor characters to have impacting roles. For instance, I never expected Kyosuke’s father to have such a trauma. To realize how he killed his wife and seeing the possibility of his son following the same footsteps (which he ironically did), makes it compelling. At first I thought of him to be just a worthless drunkard, envious of the powers of espers, but after experiencing such loss, who could blame him? It seems that in the past, he valued his research more over the love of his life and his mistake haunted him deeply.

And we also have Saotome Eiji who may resemble Minamoto basing on his characteristics and his sharp mind but differ in that he wants to hoard the strength and potential of espers. Then again, we can’t know for sure. For now, Minamoto has been working on improving and supporting espers thanks to his knowledge of technology but the future still remains. He is bound to kill Kaoru. For what reason or purpose, the hold of the present to the future remains strong.

If I remember, Fujiko would always clash with Hyobu at every opportunity but seeing as to how close they were way back, I do wonder. Is this feud of theirs something that their differences dictated or is there a deeper meaning behind it. A betrayal of sorts perhaps or simply a difference in perspective?

With the recollection arc over, we’ll now see what Andy’s fate will be. Will he die or will a compromise be born?

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  1. x
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 11:46:16


    Yeah, this was such a tease :p. Still, I enjoyed this episode a lot. They’ve announced a new manga (in a bi-monthly magazine OTL). That might cover this part of the story I suppose.


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