Epic Fairytale

So there was something going on with Ai and Eita that he must’ve forgotten due to his youth. Could it be some love promise of sorts? Regardless, Ai AGAIN stole this episode! FUUUUUUUUUUCK YEAH!!

She’s proving to be a consistent source of comedy with her antics for this series. And to think that everything almost came to a grinding halt due to the boring shit that happens with the rest of the girls.

I never expected to actually hate Chiwa as much as I hate Masuzu in this episode. Fucking bitch cockblocking Ai! Just stay in the fucking friendzone you little shit!

Well, Ai’s issues aside, I think they really are pushing the Eita x Masuzu pairing, much to my dismay. Well, she’s cute and all for acknowledging Eita’s manliness in this episode but this doesn’t change the fact that Masuzu is STILL one annoying bitch especially when she continues with her business.

I do feel sorry for Eita though, he got had by the girl of his dreams. Well, to each, their own romance… OTL


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  1. x
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 04:11:25


    Eita is simply hopeless due to his selective denseness when it comes to romance ^^; (or rather, whenever the plot calls for it, he is as dense as a brick :p).

    Well, I agree. Ai’s pretty much the only one in this show that keeps it interesting for me (specially with the hints that Ai, at the very least, probably knew Eita when she was younger). Himeka comes second, but she hardly gets any scenes in this episode. Masuzu is annoying, but still better than Chiwa. Chiwa’s portrayal is missing something. The impression I get is like she is just acting out her role in the plot, without rhyme or reason (even though we actually do know her reasons).

    I wonder if the real intention of the ones making this anime, is to portraying things in the way that the conveniently super dense Eita would perceive? As in pushing Eita’s bland and frustrating point of view onto the audience :p. By this measure, Ai’s portrayal is a failure ^^;. Yet we probably like her best. Simply because with her, we are able to see far beyond Eita’s point of view OTL. Partly due to Kaoru’s assistance and partly due to how transparent Ai is for the most part XD.


  2. baka~
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 10:56:18

    I guess the introduction of plot devices in this series is its biggest flaw. Every character serves as a plot device of sorts but they aren’t being subtle about it except for Ai. The thing with Masuzu and Chiwa is that they have this roundabout approach of doing things when it comes to Eita. Masuzu schemes while Chiwa redirects her intentions to some other target which our dense protagonist interprets bluntly.

    There’s nothing wrong with Himeko but like you said, she rarely have the chance to prove her worth and she does so by relying on her chuni. The charm with Ai is, as you said, her transparency. There’s no roundabout method of revealing her emotions to Eita. The only time she goes to such lengths is when she lies about her “boyfriend” which is a form of self-defense AGAINST the girls. Her straightforwardness to Eita and her tsundere nature is a good mix that makes her character outstanding 😀


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