Pity the Fool

They do understand that THIS Keima is the one from 10 years ago right? The UNSOCIABLE KID WHO WAS GROWING UP TO LOVE VIDEO GAMES, RIGHT?!

That aside, I wonder if there’s a relationship with the spirits who escaped (Tenri’s arc) and the time-traveled Keima?


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  1. x
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 16:09:51

    Bro-zoned T_T. I knew it could happen, but somehow I wasn’t expecting it ^^;. I don’t suppose Yui will rethink about the way she dress?

    I think they were told that he lost his memories (at least Kanon was, I’m not sure about Yui). As for Tenri, I’d say that the story we heard from her was not the complete truth. She has been hiding a lot of things all these years, maybe even from Diana (which seems impossible, but … :p). One thing I don’t like about time travel stuff is that cause and effect tends to end up being ambiguous…


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