The Imperfect System

Instead of trolling us with what the Sibyl System really is, they finally laid it out: The Grand Design that took place right under humanity’s noses. So I guess it turned out to be similar with the matrix after all. Well, for those who have watched the movie, it was speculated that the machine empire couldn’t possibly have understood the faculties of human emotion unless they have willing human “allies” (take not: brains) that does the emotional processing for them. In Psycho-Pass’ case, only a human could judge a fellow human being.

Of course, you have to be a pompous sunuvabitch in order to “judge” a fellow human

The righteous will slay the wicked. Individuals who turn out to be criminally asymptomatic do have lofty egos. Makishima has it and it looks like Touma Kouzaburou share the same trait of being an ass. Their difference, one thinks too highly of himself, the other is just an ass.

Makishima Shougo is an asshole, the Devil’s Advocate. He enjoys living his life as an asshole who fucks people’s lives and he does so while eating popcorn on a front row seat. At first, I thought he’s the kind who’d have a god complex of sorts. Who plans on being the shepherd destined to guide the flock.

Well fuck that thought! Makishima may be doing the crazy shit for the wrong reasons but at least he’s happy with it. He doesn’t pretend to be just a bystander who indulges in people’s suffering. He lends them a hand and sends them to hell and he doesn’t blame anyone for it. He admits his crimes while bragging his immunity to the nonsense known as Sibyl. Not only that, he also mocks anyone who can’t even get on his level… HOW FUCKINGLY AND ANNOYINGLY COOL IS THAT?!

Makishima aside, I have to admit that I am pissed with how they decided to treat Kagari’s demise. Sure it was understandable but from the viewer’s perspective who saw what happened to him, IT’S FUCKING FRUSTRATING!! Well, history is decided by the winners but maaaaaaaan, Kagari didn’t have to suffer such shame. That man never ran away. He stood his ground and died nobly! FUCK! FUCK YOU SIBYL!!!


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  1. x
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 03:08:49


    Still having fun with games?

    Yeah, at least they didn’t troll us with more “hints” as to what Sibyl is without revealing what it is :p.

    It’s interesting that Makishima would make that phone call at the end. What’s that about? Which makes me wonder, is Makishima really “happy”? Or is that anothe façade? What would it take to be “truly happy” at any rate, in the context of this anime?

    As for emotions, I do wonder if human brains, kept alive and functioning but disconnected from a body that would otherwise heavily influence it, would really have their emotions working the same way? Would they need to pump in hormones and use pinpoint electro-shocks to “tune” or train the brain to fit into the system? Okay, I’m creeping myself out ^^;.

    Many “dark”, depressing, and/or cruel anime episodes recently :p. And most of the really pure comedy series don’t seem to have enough effect on me to help very much (often they either bore me or annoy me) OTL. I guess at least Vividred is still fun at the moment (beach episode this week :p). And Zetsuen is almost completely in romcom mode (the recent episodes were much more amusing than any of the OreShura episodes so far) XD. Also, Kotoura-san swing between many different moods T_T, though more comedy for now (with potential to swing towards the other end at any moment ^^;).


  2. baka~
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 03:47:33


    not really, oddly enough I haven’t played anything these past few days… my work as game developer just got hectic recently since everyone’s hyped with the mobile app we’re pushing for testing. I just DL episodes to watch before sleeping… I’m kind of pissed that Commie releases Kotoura waaaaay slower. To think that I watched ep 5 earlier before going to work, then learning that ep 6 is already there. That said, just watched Robotics;Notes and the slow pace of the entire episode was meh… The cliffhanger was… also meh. Did Misa anticipate the trap about the 7th report?

    Reading other blogs about Vividred makes me guilty. Honestly, all those boobs and butt… it feels like i’m missing something fap-tastic!

    Well, Makishima’s intentions are quite vague. To live life as a player in what sense? Makishima enjoys manipulating others and does whatever machinations on the fly but are these fetishes of his his true desire or simply a whim?

    Your mentioning of pumping hormones and such remind me of the Animatrix where they portrayed graphically how the machines made guinea pigs of man… Ok, for your sake, let’s stop that thought and think rainbows… OTL


  3. x
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 05:37:30


    All the best with the mobile game :).

    Robotics Notes: Misa seem to know a lot more than she says? Mizuka was another one as well. Lots of mysteries and we never get to know enough about her. It makes me wonder if there’s some failed brainwashing, or maybe some kind of despair that they fall into, or some kind of complicated and twisted coercion going on… Well, it’s just depressing to even think about it :p.

    Vividred is fun (so far). I still won’t say it’s something that you must watch but it is definitely guilty pleasure material that’s more fun than Senran Kagura for me at the moment :p. Animation quality still quite high (specially when compared with some of the other animes this season), and it seems to cleverly skip the more boring stuff.

    Yeah, Makishima is vague. One thing I don’t get is why he seem to care so much about how others live? He doesn’t seem just contented with manipulating others. He seems like he is pushing others towards some kind of ideal of his own, that I have no clue what it really is ^^;.

    Animatrix? Ewww… :p. Yeah need more rainbow colours XD. Some vivid red blue green yellow would be nice 😉 :p.

    As for other animes (in no particular order):
    – Tamako helps a bit with the rainbow stuff XD (though I don’t think I want to know what that bird is really made of :p).
    – Shirokuma just had a rather sad sentimental episode (for a comedy) T_T.
    – Mondaiji is still fun :D.
    – Maoyu’s romcom seem to work well enough to keep me from getting bored :p.
    – Minami-ke is fun comedy, though nothing new.
    – Uchuu Kyoudai is still good and will continue through the next season ^^;.
    – Bakuman s3 rushing towards the end of the story (skipping some less compelling stuff from the manga along the way :p).
    – Magi is pretty good for a shounen, but the art and animation quality goes from fantastic to appalling every few frames T_T.
    – Ixion Saga DT still continues with the crude comedy with lots of sexual innuendoes :p.
    – Little Busters getting more dark, I wonder if any of the later arcs would be darker still?
    – GJ-bu is mostly boring :p, but the comedy does work half the time, and with new incoming characters (imouto madness? XD), it might become better (or not).
    – Cuticle Tantei is just slapstick stuff all the way, mostly cliché and doesn’t really standout.
    – Bakumatsu Gijinden is mediocre for the most part. Doesn’t stand out, but isn’t that bad. Comedy works when it doesn’t try too hard, but the weak plot isn’t helping. I’ll probably drop if it doesn’t end this season.
    – Da Capo III spent half the season introducing heroines without even getting the story going ^^;. Looks like they intend to punt most of the story to a second season (I decided I had enough and dropped it :p).


  4. x
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 02:23:12

    Just watched OreShura ep7. This was the first episode that made me laugh XD. So the comedy seems to be getting better, took long enough :p. Hope it gets even better from now on. With only six episodes to go, I won’t be dropping this before the end.


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