Neither Black nor White

Normals discriminate espers. Espers discriminate normals. The cycle of hatred just never ends.

They definitely did a good job portraying a distinction in this episode. How normals see themselves. How espers value their abilities. And how some unfortunate fuck gets stuck in between because he’s a mix of both.

While it was brief, I loved how they portrayed the wholeness of Andy’s backstory. It never explored much but it sufficed the situation he sees in himself. That he’s someone shunned away by normals for being an esper as well as looked down upon by his kind because his power is lacking. It’s kind of sad, really, that he had to walk both worlds, torn between either factions.

I can’t say for real if he really chose the side of normals just by attempting to retrieve the dolphin’s brain. I guess his time with PANDRA taught him otherwise that he had a place to belong to as an esper. I don’t think Andy will die next episode but man, they do know how to troll by telling us the tale of the ESP unit instead. I’m betting on a major cliffhanger here.


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  1. x
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 22:16:53

    Yeah, cliffhanger. I’ve been waiting for more ESP Unit stuff, so I can’t really complain :p.


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