Battle anime have always been a process of introducing strong main characters, having them get beat up, forcing them to level up, get beat up, then level up, the cycle is endless! Such has been the same with Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, almost every battle anime I have watched followed the same template. Never have I seen a series where the main character is literally, fucking OP… Not until Mondaiji came along.

But hey, this “phase” of Mondaiji might be akin to the early stages of leveling up main characters but that’s not my point. Sure, battle anime have shown main characters to be a balance of strength, dragged down by emotional conflicts. Whether it be love, regret, acceptance, main characters always carry that burden. This adds up to their personality. It’s not just they are portrayed to be strong, they are also portrayed to be “human”.

They have logical miscalculations, they have fucked up beliefs, they refine their ‘character’ by sympathizing, by appealing with the frailty of the viewers. That the viewers relate themselves to them…

Jesus-fucking-Christ!! Izayoi threw all that bullshit I wrote by showing how badass he is! Seriously, he knows a lot of stuff, he has a cool and composed demeanor, calmly analyzes the situation, a candid ass, he has the traits of a main character alright except for the fact that he has yet to show any real weakness! I mean, a Demon Lord used a petrification ray that could potentially turn the entire world to stone and Izayoi just gave it a heel drop?!



Kamijou Touma had to go through shit in order to null-slap someone with his Imagine Breaker, Naruto had to fuck up his cells when he uses his Rasenshuriken out of Sage mode, Ichigo can only use his Mugetsu ONCE and Izayoi… He just gave a former Demon Lord a fucking whammy!

Well, let us assume that Mondaiji is taking its sweet time with the introductions prolonging the Izayoi nerf bat sentence. Though I have nothing against it, I feel that it may be boring in the long run. When the characters run to Izayoi to resolve everything, that may be the time when things would turn sour for this series. But I guess, that’s less likely to happen. After all, the approach of Mondaiji to the battle genre is surprisingly fresh. There are no troublesome journey of growth and character development. There’s just one guy that’s capable of toppling Gods and Demon Lords. And he’s surrounded by weaklings. I guess that’s what sums up this series, for now.


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  1. x
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 08:21:25

    Well, I think there’s no worry about this getting boring in the long run with only five more episodes to go :p. With only ten episodes in total, I’d say this anime seems to be doing pretty well so far. Funny how I got really tired of those other series you mentioned, partly due to how much shit the protagonist had to go through, how long it took them, and how little they got to enjoy the results for the most part ^^;. Story wise, this isn’t all that interesting to me. After the first two episodes, this has been mostly predictable and the twists to the cliché elements used here is nothing really new either. Having said that, this is fun XD. Much more fun than I expected :D.


  2. baka~
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 09:33:52

    I guess seeing a protagonist reach max level right from episode 1 and mop everyone with his awesomeness IS a fun sight. That or perhaps people just got tired of the usual main character leveling scheme.


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