Everybody Loves Somebody

And this series just went downhill… I have nothing against romance btw, it’s just that, 5 episodes and it’s still not clear what this series plans to accomplish. Hey, we all know OniAi is guilty of the same shit but at least it made itself clear with its attempt at fanservice and harem. I can’t say the same for Tamako Market.

In all honesty, this series has the same sickness with K-On! and that being… an entirely pointless moeblob anime. I loved K-On!, I really do. But after awhile, things got repetitive. They literally took the slice of life and everything just went bland. There’s no spice in it, no secret ingredient to make things interesting. I mean, Hyouka was amazing, so with Chu2Koi, but man, a show about a talking bird with splashes of romance and yuri? Which is it then? What do they want to tell us? Is there some secret message that’s yet to be conveyed to the viewers?

Man, choosing Tamako Market for its moeblob-ness is a guilt trip. I guess things would’ve been better if I instead watched the butt series of this season.


For those expecting my weekly posts, sorry for the delay. I’ve been playing DMC for the past week, and recently joined the LoL event requiring me to win 13 games for a summoner icon… So uh, yeah, being the nooblord that I am, I seriously took my sweet time… OTL


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  1. x
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 07:57:43


    Have fun playing games :p. As for this show, yeah it’s mostly pointless. I like it because it is pointless though XD. I think it’s been quite clear that it is just adolescence slice of life with cute characters. Though many of us keep looking for more just because KyoAni has been giving us more than that in the last few seasons ;).

    With so many anime this season with much drama, suspense and violence, this is one that’s more sentimental and sort of endearing in a way. Much more relaxing to watch. There doesn’t seem to be any worries of any character risking their life, or reaching a “bad end” kind of situation ^^;. That’s why I’m enjoying this one :p (after watching an episode of this, I get to watch an episode Psycho-pass a day later T_T).


  2. baka~
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 09:50:13

    When you put it that way, I guess the biggest worry that this series had to face would be Tamako and her mochi ideas. Well, I still think OreShura felt better but perhaps, that is a matter of perspective. Probably if Tamako Market was portrayed in Mochizou’s point of view, the series may not be any different from OreShura (minus the delusions).

    Well, being Mochizou IS suffering. He just can’t help falling in-love with a clueless girl who only thinks of mochi. I guess it would’ve been better if he ends up with Midori… OTL


  3. x
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 10:06:52

    lol. Yeah, being Mochizou is suffering indeed ^^;. I do agree that Midori would be a more interesting choice, but Tamako is in the way (for both of them XD). Not sure how that will turn out :p. After Shiori’s introduction, I found myself more distracted and amused by the other characters ;). At the moment, I’m more curious about other characters that so far had very little screen time in the story, like Kanna, Tamako’s family, Mochizou’s family, and maybe even the families of the other girls…


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