Endless Dream

I remember the time when children would run the streets and play with their peers. Looking at things now, I wonder how many of them preferred their handheld devices over the physical experience of having fun through sweat and dirt.

It’s not that I condemn this society and the advancement of technology. After all, these kids only followed the template established by their predecessors, in this case, us adults who have pushed technology forward and preferred to interact with others under the comfort of our own home. But after hearing what Makishima had to say, I can’t help but reminisce my youth and compare it with today’s generation. How far are we willing to fall?

There’s nothing wrong with accepting the fact that one cannot live without the comfort of technology but I have to admit, after seeing this episode and Makishima’s conversation with Choe, that realization of how attached humanity is with technology is quite depressing. Like with how parasites cling to their host, humanity embraces technology to such extent and cannot live without it. In this, I see how Makishima’s chaos makes perfect sense to separate humanity from their blind desires. This chaos forcefully makes us realize what we have been missing as we cling dearly to the illusion of comfort provided by technology.

I guess it doesn’t matter now if Makishima’s plans got foiled. From the looks of it, the people’s awareness and their proactive involvement in deciding for themselves to fight back against those masked individuals, join them, or do whatever shit they want, makes Makishima the winner. The question now is what would the people do next?

Aside from Equilibrium, this episode reminded me of the movie Surrogate, starring Bruce Willis, specifically during the last scenes where he makes his decision concerning humanity’s future. If you’ve watched that movie, do you think Psycho-Pass would’ve ended up conveying the same message after the showdown with Makishima? Will the fate of humanity lie in the hands of Kougami?


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    Feb 04, 2013 @ 05:57:35


    If one is worried about how we lose our older culture/knowledge/experience as we adopt new things (specially noticeable to those of us who have been taking note of things for at least more or less a decade or two :p), welcome to the club XD. Many have been making noise about it for a long time ^^;, yet we continue to lose our older stuff and replace them with newer stuff for better and worst (and sometimes for neither :p).

    If this is about our over dependence on tech, that’s old news. Many of us have been over dependent on tech in one form or another for centuries. I don’t see how that can be really avoided.

    If this is about the lack of face to face human interactions, yeah, this is a big problem even today. Hard for me to say how things will change in the future, and how we will adapt. Though given that I personally struggle with face to face interactions, I can’t really give an unbiased opinion :p.

    In Psycho-pass, the problem is that they have made the system overrule a lot of personal decisions they make. There’s no right or wrong, good or bad, only potentials and “crime coefficients” as measured by the system. It’s like how some businessmen say what they do is “just business”, as long as it brings profit. Or how some lawyers talk about what is legal or not legal, and don’t care about other consequences. Or how some follow and support their governments even as said governments get more corrupt, absurd and dangerous. We don’t need technology to fall into this trap. All it takes is to stop making decisions for ourselves, lean on whatever authority or trend or thing.


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