If my ears are still as accurate, I’m glad that The Children are still voiced by the same seiyuu who gave life to them, years ago. People may not be pleased with Aya Hirano but I do admit that Akashi Kaoru won’t be the same without her and the same goes for Ryoko Shiraishi and Tomatsu Haruka, so props to them for the reprising the role.

While I would love to see more of The Children, this is still Hyoubu’s show. Along with his point of view regarding his esper brethren hints the secret that he guards. I have a guess that what Andy is after, as well as the reason Babel paid them a visit in this episode, is the very device that foretold the prophecy of the Queen. If i’m not mistaken, it’s the esper-dolphin’s brain that was powerful enough to predict the ultimate fate of the espers.

Schemes and agendas aside, this episode did have a lot of enjoyable action. The esper battle between Hyoubu and Kaori, amping it up to the clash of Hyoubu’s Unlimited and The Children’s Triple Boost was a sight to behold. While The Children manager to hold their ground, it is still evident how much strength Hyoubu has developed through his years.

Well, esper battles aside, I do like how Minamoto was able to go against Andy. It’s good to learn that he’s not as defenseless as how he was portrayed during the earlier volumes of the manga. I guess all the abuse that he endured at the hands of the growing Children paid off in giving him stamina to improve his reflexes.

Overall, 4 episodes of consistent goodness! The same consistency when it comes to story-telling in the manga has been adapted properly in this anime. Though my main concern at this point would be how the manga timeline would intersect with the events of this series.


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  1. x
    Jan 31, 2013 @ 01:35:33

    Agreed. Four episodes of consistent goodness :D. If this continues, this might be the most enjoyable Manglobe anime I’ve watched since TWGOK :p. I might even consider this more enjoyable than TWGOK anime ;).


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