True Strength


I thought Kotoura’s parents were bad, this motherfucker is the worst! For someone learning martial arts and living under some philosophy that was probably founded with her dojo, I never expected Moritani to be this pathetic of a character. They were merely snippets but the dedication that the followers of their dojo, back in the previous episodes and this one, hints of how established their school is and how they treat each other as family.

For them to actually put themselves in danger in order to fight for Moritani’s well-being yet be discarded in such a way pisses me off the most. It may be evil to say that Manabe deserved a form of beating for ignoring Moritani’s feelings but those side-characters who were treated without regard for their sacrifice really irks me. Even the fact that Mortani was in denial after learning that Manabe was hospitalized, pisses me big time. Deciding on that cutesy act to stir up the emotions of their dojo’s disciples, treating them like shit after their sacrifice, then denying her crime is a good way to stir me up.

Honestly, I would’ve preferred for Kotoura to bring down retribution. A scandal revealed like that would most likely discredit Moritani and shame her family’s dojo. With just one statement, a generation’s worth of hard work and discipline would’ve gone in shambles.

But Kotoura knows the pain of her existence and in such a fashion, she decided to let it go.

Keeping up the consistent portrayal, I have to admit that I was on the verge of shedding tears for Manabe. Not because he was beaten and hospitalized, but because he realized that no matter how he ‘tanks’ Kotoura’s suffering, in the end, he couldn’t save her. I don’t know if he blames himself for this but man, seeing a bro try his hardest then realizing his limits is quite compelling.

With Kotoura nowhere to be found, I bet prez wouldn’t sit idly. If she needs Kotoura for whatever her schemes are, there may yet be a way to find and bring her back. The question now is for how long will will this time skip span. On the side, I do hope Moritani gets her divine punishment in some form. And to be honest, just like how the OP of Madoka Magica feels like a lie, I too feel the same way with Kotoura’s.


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  1. x
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 04:04:27


    This is a comedy? +_+

    So much drama in the third episode? Heavy dark drama at that? T_T

    This anime surprised more and more with each new episode. I wonder if they can keep this up ^^;.

    As for the OP, I do somewhat agree, but this is only the beginning.

    It’s hard to believe (given how dark things get with this anime), but I think this is the anime I look forward to new episodes most. I can hardly wait for what comes next.


  2. baka~
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 02:40:50

    As for the OP, I do somewhat agree, but this is only the beginning.

    Yeah, like with a certain mahou shoujo series that trolled us with the same fuwa fuwa OP during its entire run, despite the themes of death and despair. the packaging is a liiiiieeee!!

    But i’ll be honest, like you, I’m finding myself eagerly anticipating the next episode. To think that this wasn’t originally in my list, the simplicity of this series’ packaging conceals the strength of its content.


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