Family-zoned Chiwa

I remembered how moved I was when I read this part of the manga and after seeing this episode, I still find myself moved to Eita’s resolve. Well, I feel sorry for Chiwa when it comes to Eita’s affections but you just can’t please everyone. Eita may have resolved himself to help the only person he considers to be family (not sure how close he is with his aunt) but that’s the borderline limit of his intentions. He works had for his family.

Maybe it’s because he realized how Chiwa was able to fill the emptiness that Eita’s parents brought upon him that he suddenly blurted out that promise but that’s a good sign of one’s character. Every protagonist must have a reason to begin with and to see Eita drive himself to such lengths is very compelling for me.

On other matters, while I still think that Akasaki Chinatsu isn’t fit for Chiwa’s role, this episode shows how much promise she has when it comes to drama. The emotions that Chiwa showed in this episode was quite good. I was convinced of her dismay in Eita who wouldn’t look at her beyond that of family. I do hope she (Chinatsu) gets to land in roles that actually fits her forte and lively characters like Chiwa ain’t one of them.


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  1. x
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 16:39:34

    Overall, this episode makes this anime a more compelling watch, but the attempts at comedy so far still doesn’t work for me :p. It feels repetitive, cruel and not funny. I’m not sure if it’s just the way things are presented, or the ambiance, or something else, but I find myself not laughing or even smiling at the scenes in the three episodes so far.


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