It’s common in anime for characters who sacrifice themselves to literally die. It is however, in rarer occasions, a gem to portray that concept in a totally different angle.

I’m not really fond of these scenes but I do have a soft spot these kinds of redemption and to be honest, I really like how everything played out regarding the conflict between the old man and his granddaughter. There’s something compelling when the old man blamed himself for his naivety and ideals putting his granddaughter in harms way and the same goes for the child who realized, a few years later, what kind of restriction she unwittingly imposed on her grandfather who probably lived his life running after his dream.

To whom was this question addressed to anyways? The robot? the child? or the old man?

It is these forms of self-sacrifice and redemption that makes a scene have so much impact. I’m not saying that self-sacrifice that kills of characters suck, I guess seeing those things are now a common feat due to my long history with anime. But for some reason, I appreciate these agonizing forms of suffering more. Call me a sadist but these kinds of conflict feel so much rewarding when the redemption scheme of a series takes place.


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  1. x
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 00:47:23

    I’ve been waiting for her episode ever since Jun came on the scene XD. This was good. I appreciated the emotions portrayed in this one.


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