Release the Unlimited

If you’ve watched the original Zettai Karen Children series then the first thing that would’ve probably caught your attention would be…

The poor dude just got Shinsekai Yori’d!!

There’s actually death in the series.

The anime adaptation of Zettai Karen Children that aired on 2008 was a good adaptation of its manga counterpart with its target audience mostly children. Sure, it featured powers and explosions but its selling point mostly revolved around kids trying to use their powers backed up with moral hinges.

Also, iirc, there was a scene where, in the manga, Hyoubou was supposed to kill some enemy esper (minor character) but in the anime, he convinced him to join their ranks. My impression there was that it shows how strong the series was in dedicating itself against graphic violence.

For obvious reasons and perhaps, references, ZKC:U is a series not intended for children. If Zettai Karen Children symbolized the light that matches the theme of young aspirants, ZKC: U reflects a darker theme from someone who has seen all and have experienced a shattered childhood.

Now I guess it’s too early but I’m trying to identify the timeline of this series with the manga. The events here may have happened in parallel with the main story but there is one thing that doesn’t add up…

Kyousuke never had the Unlimited device in the main series. I’m quite skeptical with this item since it was never shown in the main series. Well, he never “activated” the thing so I guess this is a technology that PANDRA developed after studying BABEL’s boost version. Still, I wonder why he didn’t use this in the manga… Then again, if the manga scenes were to be animated, they might tie in the content that will be covered for this series… Not sure with Andy and Yuugiri though.

For an episode pilot, they did manage to jam as much material without it feeling convoluted. We see Kyousuke for the character that he is; That he looks down on normals and cares deeply for his fellow espers and was shown hints of where his hatred stems from.

The fight scenes are definitely enjoyable. The ZKC are still “developing” their powers (since they are children and lack experience) so they can’t deliver the action that Hyoubou does in this episode. He is definitely way overpowered but meh, he’s just fighting against weaklings. The real fun would start once Black Phantom (if ever) is involved.

p.s. for some reason, Andy’s power reminds me of Sacred Seven… The ZKC series is good at referencing other works so I won’t be surprised if Andy’s power comes from gems and whatnot :p


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  1. x
    Jan 09, 2013 @ 13:38:36

    lol. Sacred Seven XD. I guess we will never forget that series :p. Yeah, that mode selection thingy. This one looks good so far, even if the first episode’s pacing was rather fast and lack a lot of introductory information for new viewers ^^;. This was one of the few anime first episodes that met my expectations. Good sign for Manglobe I think, there’s another Hayate anime coming next season, maybe TWGOK sometime later, and maybe even Silver Spoon (just guessing, no idea which studio is producing this one) sometime this year :p?


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