The Sum of all Odds


Thanks to rori subs for their fast release for this series. Too bad the latter parts of the videos are in suck quality (ep 17 was seriously giving me eye-cancer) but hey, it’s definitely not the subbers’ fault.

And so this series finally comes to a close with the BEST MOTHERFUCKING PAIR EVER!!

Seriously, I’m happy that Inaba’s feelings were finally reciprocated. Iori’s shit aside, Inaba’s the only who would go to such lengths in order to profess her love for the guy she likes. I mean…

If you hear a girl reveal her fantasies about you and is not even moved by such act of courage then there is DEFINITELY something wrong with you!! And I repeat, only Inaba had the balls to actually confess these things for the sake of friendship and rivalry. She’s the true white knight of this series! Not Taichi!

So Michi Random can be interpreted as a summary of the entire series. Not just from the perspective of the phenomenon that they’re experiencing but a summary of the characters themselves. For example…

IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME SOMEBODY POINTED THIS OUT!! Seriously, Aoki has been consistently dead weight for this series. I hoped that guys like him would be significant sooner or later but man, after that one moment for him to shine (by helping Yui), he reverted back to being useless. And quite literally.

To be honest, I felt his answer to HeartSeed rather weak. Seriously, trying to be yourself will solve all problems? Is the world so easily appeased by perseverance and strength of will that by simply “being yourself” would ease the difficulties in life?

I’m actually willing to buy Taichi’s immature logic than Aoki’s docile shit… Is that guy even trying?!

To be more specific, I dislike how impractical and hopeful his answer was and above all, how stagnant his personality is. Come to think of it, everyone changed due to the phenomenon. Yui was able to overcome her fears, Inaba became more outspoken and honest with her feelings, Iori broke, and Taichi shone more as he fulfilled his role as the White Knight but Aoki… Is Aoki. He’s still the same dumbass who unwittingly adds oil to the fire, who masochistically craves for Yui’s beating, who is the same useless shit 13 episodes ago.

I facepalmed

I’m still trying to convince myself how legit Iori’s stupidity is. Being the good little girl who becomes whoever’s doll despite the possibility that she may not even be sexually abused by her foster fathers isn’t really convincing. Her internal turmoil about her identity and what is her understanding of a normal reality felt really weak. To be honest, I was expecting this to be cleared when she was able to reconcile with her mother at episode 13 but seeing how she struggles for another 4 episodes in understanding who she wants to be, feels like a wasted endeavor there.

Was there really a need for Iori to continue her facade despite the supposed closure with her mother during episode 13? How many times did they (indirectly) mentioned “living your own life” all-throughout the series? Or better yet, wasn’t this the lesson all along? To live your own life the way you want it to? Come to think of it, wasn’t Yui’s fear of men got cured because she decided to live her own life? And the same goes with Inaba and her acceptance of her feelings and, to an extent, even Aoki’s fucking resolve?

Fujishima IS BAWS!!!

Despite the hate, I still think that Kokoro Connect have been enjoyable. While not every character is appealing, I dare say that this show was carried by Taichi, Taichi Imouto, Inaba, and Fujishima and they, along with the godly seiyuu cast, made watching this series worthwhile.

p.s. still can’t forget the scandalous seiyuu bashing that happened though… OTL


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Jan 04, 2013 @ 08:32:46

    Dereban FTW XD :p!

    Iori Nagase’s problem, I find it believable. The issue she had, was more of her obsession with not lying, and her obsession with figuring out her “true self” (which was never resolved in the earlier arcs). The more she thought about herself, the deeper she dug into her own thinking/behaviour/character, trying to find the “self” that she didn’t consider a “mask” (ironically this became just like another “mask”), the more she got confused. Previously she was obsessed with others being happy, but in rejecting that, she became obsessed with others seeing her “true self” ^^;. Eventually she started to reject anything others say (as she no longer trusted them), and even some of her own thinking about herself. She only manage to overcome this when she stop obsessing about presenting her “true self”, stop obsessing about other’s image of her, and do what she really want to do without caring about any idealised “self”.

    Himeko Inaba was all deredere for most of this arc XD. Very satisfying end with Taichi Yaegashi :p. Though I can tell that it won’t be smooth sailing for this couple, even if Heartseed doesn’t meddle with them again :p.

    Yoshifumi Aoki existence is only to hook up with Yui Kiriyama :p (kidding).

    How much does Maiko Fujishima really know? That’s what has been bothering me most :p. It feels as if that she might have overheard more from their private conversations when she “observed” them (though I wouldn’t put it past Heartseed to make sure she doesn’t remember any of it ^^; ).

    Well, this was way more enjoyable than I thought it would be XD. Even with all its faults, I liked this anime more than most :p. I doubt there will be any new seasons, but one can never be sure ^^;.


  2. baka~
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 17:09:53

    I was expecting Fujishima to be one of the “aliens” that works with Heartseed but takes a more active role and interacts with the “specimens” directly.

    This series was enjoyable but I hope that the final 4 episodes conclude the entirety of it. It’s actually tiring to see the same group get pestered. Maybe a new bunch of specimens would make thing interesting. =/


  3. x
    Jan 06, 2013 @ 19:51:32

    lol. Well, at the end, two new characters appear. I’ll see if the novels catch my interest enough for me to read up to this part of the story (and beyond). Probably will take some time, as there are simply too many anime, manga and novels I want to read/watch, and I don’t have as much time recently.


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