The New Stage

I don’t really find this episode displeasing but to be honest, it just feels weird. I think the whole setup was ambitious. I mean, from the initial “I am travelling with an arm’s dealer” to “I walk with God” just feels really awkward. Well, logically speaking, Koko has every right to execute this. She has the money and it was shown how efficient she is in selling stuff. What really felt out of place was Jonah’s decision to go along with her.

Did he just give a nod to Koko to kill 700k or so people that were currently travelling by air? Whatever. I guess the sci-fi stuff doesn’t fit the whole scheme or I’m simply having the difficulty swallowing everything.

That doesn’t mean this series was bad. It’s like watching those western action dramas like “24” and whatnot but only with bigger eyes, eargasmic voices, and crazy stunts. Jormungand have been an enjoyable adventure. The characters are enjoyable (and crazy!) and the aspects of war and its relationship with people and the world have been explained properly by the series. So yeah, it was an entertaining ride.


I hope gg decides to sub the last 2 episodes since it would really suck to see this series archived with a mix of HorribleSubs and Asenshi copies. Nothing against those two groups but I’m OC with sticking into one sub group for archiving.


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  1. x
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 00:21:53

    Not much else to say, except that this episode didn’t bring any real surprises. A lot has been left ambiguous towards the end, leaving much to the viewer’s imagination (maybe a bit too much of it for some of us :p). Yeah, this was an enjoyable ride. I doubt we will see another anime like this one for a long while.


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