Under the Starry Sky

There were certainly some dull moments with this series but I think Btooom! fared well for this season. Sure, the mind games and tactics weren’t that appealing but this series does boast a good amount of character development. Ryouta’s maturity aside, we also see Taira and Himiko’s views and how they gradually changed until they became the individuals that they were up until the end of this season. And looking back, that was quite some growth.

Now I’m actually open to how things would develop so I would welcome a second season but from what I’m hearing, it seems that the series actually caught up with the manga so perhaps, a second season would have to wait.

That aside, this series did boast a lot of talented voices and to be honest, I enjoyed Kanata Hongo’s take as Ryouta Sakamoto. He was able to deliver Sakamoto’s role quite well; from the transformation of asshole Ryouta to the heroic one, Hongo’s acting matched the development of Ryouta’s character.

We can’t say for sure if we’ll be hearing more from this guy but I do hope he gets to land on more roles in the upcoming seasons.


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