As Legends End

Phew, now that was one good ending. And about time! I guess the only lolwut that I have to complain with this episode is why the fuck didn’t Sugou use a gun to dispose of Kirito? Seriously, for a rich guy like him, buying a gun should’ve been no problem… But whatever. What matters is this series is finally over!

And coming to think of it, this series wasn’t that bad at all. Or perhaps, the coup de grace have been softened up by ALO which I believe to be the best conceived plot of this series. Seriously, ALO left me wondering why SAO sucked balls.

Well, they say that Kirito’s story is far from over but please, no more! If they plan on making up a poorly conceived story like the SAO arc then I would honestly like them to stop!.. But if they plan on making an ALO variation then why not.

Now after all’s said and done, this series did have a lot to boast aside from the story-telling. For starters, let us not forget how Yuki Kajiura delivered to the audience that MMO theme that accompanied this series. Seriously, THAT. WAS. GODLY! It delivered the emotions and the nostalgic feeling of adventure dominant in most MMOs. Next would be visuals. The character designs and concepts are quite good and the environment, especially the areas of Aincrad are well done.

Then there’s also the OP/ED songs. Crossing Field has always been my favorite while takaku~ takaku~ Overfly has been good at catching my attention. And lastly, the voice cast. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka did an excellent job as Kirito imo. The number of new male seiyuu that does a noticeably good voice acting is quite rare nowadays. If anything, there’s this weird demand for female VA (nothing against it though since I am a fanboy of a lot of female seiyuu) but I do appreciate when a good actor comes along. Well, seeing as Matsuoka is the only fresh voice of this series (correct me if I’m wrong), I need not mention how IMBA the rest of the cast are.


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  1. x
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 16:33:52

    Going to marathon this as soon as I find the time and energy :p (sometime this or next week before the new season starts in earnest). Probably the only one from last season that I shouldn’t have dropped.


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