Return from Exile

Now this is one good ending. I could care less what Touka’s reaction would be should she find out that Rikka is back, what matters is how our main protagonists found their respective form of salvation.

Seriously, Dark Flame Master’s future sight was… quite cool. Cliche as it is, I actually liked how Yuuta perceived such a dilemma a few years from his decision to forget his chuni days. Somehow, this adds up to what Nibutani has been saying earlier. That people with that syndrome think of themselves as someone special because they can see something that others can’t and to be honest, this cliche development proves it.

This may be a vital plot device that happens to occur when Yuuta needed it the most but let’s face it, this is how investments ought to work. He invested in the possibility that he might lose sight of who he was and decided to remind him of what makes his syndrome special. That he IS special.

This plot device reminds me strongly of how Nobuna (Oda Nobuna no Yabou) came back to her senses even without Yoshiharu’s presence. The timing may just be too perfect but for me, it is logically acceptable.

Yuuta’s portion aside, did Rikka also predicted such a dilemma that she took measures and passed on something to Kumin? I thought she’s just acting up since she misses her club but for her to actually mean something with her silly actions, I have to say, I was impressed.



I never expected they’d pull a big reveal on Dekomori in this episode. I wonder if her chuni is something related to her lifestyle? Well, the fact that she has access to a suspicious looking guy in a suite plus a shiny, high class vehicle doesn’t really mean anything but it leaves an impression that she gets along well with her folks despite her syndrome.

No, hoenstly. I wonder why she’s acting up the way she is?

Overall, this is definitely one of the best series that this season offered. It had such a powerful voice cast, good OP/ED themes, lovable characters, stunning visuals, and an appealing plot.

Honestly, I don’t want this series to end. I do hope they get to explore the rest of the cast but for now, I am content with the development.

Before I forget, while Maaya Uchida did bring out Rikka’s character, remembering her role as Rea in Sankarea, I still find her performance quite weak lacking impact. I still can’t discern which role would suit her best. She is a good seiyuu but I was expecting something more; A performance that would make her distinguishable in any similar stereotype. Call it old-fashioned but I really get into a seiyuu once I know what role he/she fits in.

Take for instance, Kana Hanazawa. Before, she fits well with the shy/silent/soft-spoken types but when she started showing her flexibility, I came to appreciate her talent more.

Don’t get me wrong though, Maaya Uchida is a very flexible seiyuu but she’s like a jack of all trades. It’s not bad to excel at everything but it is sad to not be a master of one of them.

Well, I do hope the next season graces Maaya Uchida, Uesaka Sumire, and Akasaki Chinatsu with more roles to showcase their talents. I want to hear more of them and identify which stereotypical characters they can excel at.

And for the record, a few new voices that made an impact to me this year would be Misawa Sachika, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, and Mikako Komatsu. Looking forward to hearing more of them (er… except perhaps for Matsuoka since the guy was all over the place) next year.


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  1. darkness447
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 02:03:53

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  2. x
    Dec 21, 2012 @ 03:12:18

    Great ending :). Dekomori is too cute XD. Kumin is not really an airhead ;). Nibutani is much more insightful and much nicer here than in the novel :p. Isshiki is the same as always I guess ^^;. Good to see Kuzuha make an appearance. I wish Yumeha had a role in this episode :p.

    I like how they hint at the huge gap between Rikka’s point of view and her mother’s. The part at the grave, where her mother’s comment made her puzzled. It’s like they are both living in completely different and incompatible worlds in their minds.

    Thinking more about how Rikka saw Yuuta, it sort of reminds me of how Tenri sees Keima in TWGOK (Tenri arc second OVA DVD on sale with the new manga volume, and a new season is coming :p).

    Agreed, I believe this is one of the best this season. I doubt there’s another anime this season with such a good combination of a lot of things we love about anime :p.

    Next season from KyoAni will be Tamako Market. Will see if it will be as good as this one (probably raising my expectations too high :p).


    Any anime you are looking forward to next season?


  3. baka~
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 18:34:42


    Do you mean that scene where Rikka’s mother told her to properly wash the grave?

    As for the next season’s anime, I am looking forward to ZKC: Unlimited since I have watched ZKC, the OVA, and the manga and I really like that series. Savanna Game may just be like Btooom! But let’s give it a shot. There’s also Ore no Kanojo and Senran Kagura who I heard hosts a gathering of the most talented female seiyuu in the industry (I sense seiyuu trap tho) and lastly, Mao Yuusha.

    There are a lot of potentially good ones but we’ll see if they really are worth watching.


  4. x
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 17:16:33



    ZKCU is a must watch for me.
    Savanna Game sounds like a cross between Btooom, Shin Sekai Yori, and SAO :p? Will take a peek at least I guess.
    OreShura should be interesting. I expect this to be better than Oniai this season at least ;).
    I was originally thinking about giving Senran Kagura a miss, but now I’m not so sure XD. Probably have a peek at the first episode at least I guess.
    Maou Yuusha should be interesting, assuming the politics don’t bore me.

    Aside from those, there are (not in any particular order):
    – Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman: Character designs look interesting. The premise sounds promising. Worth trying the first episode at least I think.
    – Haganai Next: Having watched the first season, I probably will watch this.
    – Cuticle Tantei Inaba: Premise sounds interesting. Will try the first episode.
    – GJ-bu Chuutou-bu: No idea what this is about, but could be interesting :p.
    – Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun: Might be interesting. Will take a peek.
    – Kotoura-san: Premise seems interesting. Will take a peek.
    – Minami-ke Tadaima: Never watched the previous seasons, but I am familiar with the manga. Will probably watch.
    – Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo: Premise seems interesting. Will probably watch.
    – Sasami-san@Ganbaranai: I think this has potential. Kana Asumi as the lead :p. Will watch unless it turns out really bad.
    – Tamako Market: KyoAni. Should be cute at the very least ;).
    – Vivid Red Operation: Might be interesting, but I hope it doesn’t turn into another Lagrange ^^;.

    Aside from those, there are a few five minutes or less anime:
    – Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan: Flash anime ^^;. Kana Asumi voicing as an imouto from Osaka :p. Already started.
    – Ai Mai Mi: No idea what this comedy will be about.
    – Ishida to Asakura: Comedy. Might be fun.
    – Jigoku Youchien (Hell Kindergarten): Super short (1min). No idea what this will be about :p.
    – Line Offline Salaryman: No idea if this will be junk or good, but will take a peek.
    – Mangirl: Young girls being amateur manga editors ^^;.
    – Senyuu: No idea what this is really about, but there’s comedy and fantasy.
    – Yama no Susume: Mountain climbing ^^;.

    Aside from all these, there are still the animes that will continue from this season. Part of me feel like dropping Psycho-pass and Magi :p. However, just like with Fate/Zero, it feels hard to drop either one at this point.


  5. baka~
    Dec 25, 2012 @ 22:20:41


    Now that you mentioned it, perhaps Rikka’s reaction does resemble someone who is puzzled by her mother’s remark. From someone who started seeing the world in a practical sense (no romance in shimmering lights), it does provide a bit of confusion if one mentions “their dead father being cold” should she fail to properly clean the grave.

    Sometimes I wonder how popular the Zettai Karen series really is. They might not go along the lines of the more favored shonen series but they are quite recognized by some. Well, from someone reading the manga, it is surprisingly well thought-out.

    I’m not sure but there is another series this season that has ButchGen in the list… Was it Vivid Red?

    As for your dilemma, I suggest you hang on with Psycho-Pass. Well, I don’t know how you feel about it but for me, that series have been consistent in terms of its execution and progression. Not sure about Magi since I dropped it early but a lot of people say that it’s good =/


  6. x
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 03:09:56

    Zettai Karen anime series seems quite popular among those I chat with, though many don’t read the manga. Personally, I didn’t even watch the anime until a few months ago when I heard about another season coming and decided to marathon through the many episodes (those non-transformation sequences drove me nuts after a few episodes, good thing there’s a fast forward button ;)) :p. As for the manga, I’ve been reading it for a while now (though I stopped for awhile, can’t recall why ^^;, but I picked it up again at some point).

    ButchGen? I’m not sure, but don’t think he is involved with Vivid Red. I know he is involved in Suisei no Gargantia, but that starts in April.

    Yeah, Psycho-pass has been pretty consistent. I think it’s good, but it’s not the kind of anime I usually go for. Though I suspect that like Fate/Zero, I’ll end up watching all the way while crying my eyes out T_T.

    As for Magi, it’s good. It’s really a classic shounen fantasy adventure style anime with some political, social and religious subtext. My main trouble I have with Magi is that it is another long running shounen series that’s eating into my time for other anime :p. Just wondering if I’ll need to drop it if I want to pick up more new anime this winter season, as many other anime are also continuing and I’m a lot less willing to drop those ^^;.


  7. x
    Dec 28, 2012 @ 04:39:15


    Just saw a promo for VividRed Operation. I’m not so sure I want to pick this one up any more ^^;. It seem to present itself in the same genre as Girls un Panzer, Strike Witches, Upotte, and the like :p. The story might be better than those I think. Leans more towards Strike Witches I suspect. I’ll probably wait for reviews and recommendations from others before taking a peek. At least it should be better Bousho Shinki I suppose, but that’s not saying much OTL.


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