Troll Prez

Remark about a certain chuni show with a similar eye-patch setting, why the fuck are they only showing this likable side of the president?! I get the fact that the cast are nuts but maaaaaaaan. For this episode to show a cuter side of the prez that has absolutely has no connection to her sex-crazed persona… You fucking trolls!!

Well, I guess nobody expected the prez to actually nurse him back to health properly. I mean, with all her ruckus over the past episodes, her behavior in this one totally caught me by surprise. Oddly enough, we have to thank Akito for his objective decision regarding the matter. And it was a good advice to boot!

Lastly, I felt Gin and Akito’s back-story quite… lacking. Well, I get the fact that they had to exchange blows to understand each other and become friends but the follow-through after that wasn’t satisfying. I guess I expected more from their back-story.


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  1. x
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 04:13:30

    Well, the back story didn’t make much sense. I mean, why was Akito so adamant about being friends with her in particular? As for the prez, well, I guess she is the most formidable one. Her excuse for not acting like this most of the time? Shoulder aches?? OTL


  2. baka~
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 09:47:33

    Now that you mentioned it, it is weird for a transfer student to specifically choose one individual to befriend while being indifferent with the rest =/


  3. nattan323
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 00:36:09

    It made me chuckle a bit when I watched the bit with the reference to chuni. As soon as I saw the eye colour I knew it was going to happen. It was unexpected to see such a girly side to the prez. I guess it would have been too … normal? if she tried to devour him like she usually would. Gin and Akitos story was kinda boring for me too.


  4. x
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 02:24:23


    I guess she is changing her tactics now :p? Try to trap him in other ways before attacking ;)? Yeah, the chuuni reference was somewhat amusing. I did think of it as well, the moment I saw the two different coloured eyes, and the mention of powers from the eye confirmed it XD.

    As for the flashback story, I’d say the problem is we are only told half of it. We haven’t seen it from Akito’s point of view (yet). Also it feels as if a lot of information is left out of the story. For me, this anime so far hasn’t been good with drama. Though it makes up for it with the comedy more than half the time, this particular flashback was rather bland.


  5. ValenceS2
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 22:48:36

    The backstory was disappointing IMO, it just felt as though they realised they needed one and randomly made one up.


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