I can’t help but wonder how they managed to pull off such an amazing episode. How they get to cram up so much content that it didn’t quite feel convoluted. The emotions, the laughter, the d’awww, and the lover’s quarrel, just how the fuck did they even manage to insert all that in one episode and make it look so natural?

Isshiki may be a bro but he kept fucking up. Jesus Christ! His antics are fun to watch but he just keeps on self-destructing. Still, too bad he got dumped.

While Deko may be hinting how open she is to yuri, you have to give credit to the maturity she showed in this episode. I never expected her to actually support Rikka like that. Well, she mentioned that she had been her follower for… 2 years was it? You know, for a companion to last that long, I’m really curious how deep her friendship with her goes. Over the past few episodes, we see them and their antics but we rarely get to see moments like these where these girls support each other as close friends.

I really liked how Nibutani’s past came biting back. Just wished Deko was there to actually verify the authenticity of Mori Summer.

They may be lovers now but I wonder what made Yuuta change his mind and go against Rikka. Was it the warmth of the food or the fact that he finally met Rikka’s mother? I don’t want to think that this couple’s romance would be short-lived but Rikka’s removal of her eye-patch seem to declare otherwise.

Two episodes left. I have to say that I am pleased with how KyoAni managed so much content in such short notice. I do hope that if they attempted this for the remaining episodes, there would still be consistency and clarity. Good job, KyoAni.

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  1. x
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 01:49:19

    It’s amazing how well done this episode was. I guess it helps that much of this anime was completely rewritten from the novel (I’ve just started to read the novel). I’m not sure what was Rikka’s state of mind in when she removed the eye patch. Some say she’s saying goodbye to her father and her moving away from her chuunibyou life. I get the impression that she might be just trying to follow Yuuta’s advice while continuing to struggle on the inside.

    I want to see more of Nibutani and her friends in chuunibyou mode :p. I also want to watch Nibutani Dekomori duke it out during their presentation XD (KyoAni style).

    Two more episodes to go and this will end. I feel as if they didn’t have enough episodes to show off all the effects they thought up for the different chuunibyou antics :p.


  2. nattan323
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 04:39:34

    I loved the episode. I was suprised that Rikka removed her eyepatch and had no yellow eye either. The episode was so well done. I had to laugh at Nibutani’s past coming back to bite her. Isshiki made me laugh. He’s always messing up ^.^ I liked how it showed both Dekimori and Isshiki putting their heads on their friends shoulders and the different reactions. I honestly laughed at Yuuta’s reaction to that.

    I agree with X about Rikka. I think she’s just trying to do what ‘Dark Flame Master’ wants her to.


  3. baka~
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 11:01:05

    On a personal note, I would prefer if there was another side of this series that takes on the perspective of the rest of the cast. Not that this series didn’t give the other characters a chance or the respect but it would be nice to see things on their perspective. As Isshiki puts it, “Mining for chuunibyo memories is a dangerous job” and with each of them having a background for it, it would be interesting to see who they were as they live on their present.

    of course, that includes the epic deko vs shinka as wicked eye and DFM

    Now as for Rikka’s actions, if she’s doing it thanks to Yuuta’s advice, one possible scenario here would be that she’s willing to go far as long as Yuuta supports her, which makes sense. Though for some reason, I still feel uneasy.

    You know, what Rikka did is a complete mystery. I wonder what’s running in her head as she took her eyepatch after singing her father’s song. Is it a rite of parting or something else?


    Let’s be bias here. Girls doing girly stuff is ok. Whether it be holding hands, hugging, or kissing on cheeks. Guys doing the same said things are flatout weird. Nothing against homos or affectionate males out there but for me, and probably the same for Yuuta, it creeps me out. OTL


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