Salvation by the Dark

Who would’ve thought that Yuuta’s childish delusions would become Rikka’s saving grace?

I guess it holds true that diseases are contagious, and chuunibyou is no exception though, I have to admit, this is one awesome sickness to acquire. Let’s face it, by surviving (and regretting) such a phase of their lives, Yuuta and Nibutani became strong-willed individuals. While it is true that both of them had to keep appearances, Yuuta and Nibutani both apply a practical mindset in the things that they do (as long as it doesn’t involve interacting with others). They have a strong sense of personality and responsibility that they must’ve developed during the period of their growth where they didn’t give a fuck with what others think.

If Yuuta didn’t develop such guts, I wonder how he would’ve fared against Touka. While Touka’s views of reality are brutally valid, I appreciate Yuuta’s counter to how Rikka chose to adapt. How humanity evolves isn’t only decided by harsh conditions but also by humanity’s way of thinking. And with how Yuuta and Rikka chose to adapt to the reality around them, can we truly blame them for acting in such a way?

Though with Yuuta’s case, I know that exact feel. Being alone amidst a crowd is quite uncomfortable and sometimes, one cannot force oneself to like what the masses would. I guess Yuuta’s tastes are slightly off that he decided upon himself to put a distance with the crowd and in turn, to adapt to that loneliness he imposed, decided to live a life of delusion. Hey, if nobody understands you then you could at least impose an understanding of your self, even if it is fictitious.

Of course, the main highlight of this episode would be Rikka’s awareness of her emotions with Yuuta. Where this will lead, nobody knows. Well, it seems that Rikka secured her position easily as there wasn’t even any form of opposition or “desire” from the rest of the girls which, to be honest, feels odd. Sure this isn’t a harem anime but for some reason, it feels weird for me.

And props to Maaya Uchida for the moe-filled Rikka moments. She really deserves recognition for giving life to such a character.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Nov 23, 2012 @ 03:34:43

    Yuuta feels much more mature than Touka in this episode :p. And yeah, Rikka was great in this episode XD. As for no opposition? Well, I think I like it this way as well ^^;. This anime really does seem like it will come to a conclusive end by the end of this season. I see happy end? 😉


  2. baka~
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 12:54:40

    I do hope they give this series a happy end… otherwise, all the rage >:D


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