The Unsung Hero

Asuma may be a killjoy but I am overly familiar with what he’s feeling. Despite his outside appearance, I guess he’s the type to not really give a fuck with what other people thinks or with what they would even expect.

There is really nothing wrong with being a loner but the fact that society makes a fuss about it really gets into a loner. It hurts them, twists them, denies them of who they really are. And in this case, deprives Asuma of the joys of space by forcing upon him the obligation of being a representative of one’s country. How could you even enjoy what you are doing if they are imposing such things on you?

And here comes Brian Jay’s idea which I found to be extremely convenient. Well, call it plot device or whatever but for Asuma, that decision must’ve been his saving grace. For him, having fun in space is more than representing a bunch of people he wouldn’t give a fuck about for their incapability of even trying to understand him. So I guess this clarifies what he’s feeling against Hibito. Maybe if the opportunity arises and he finally goes to the moon, he’d finally be able to enjoy himself not because of what was expected of him but because of who he really is.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 11:19:43

    Another great episode. Focusing on a side character too. The storytelling in this anime is simply amazingly good. I haven’t watched any other anime (or other shows for that matter) recently with so many episodes of storytelling as good as this one.


  2. baka~
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 10:04:43

    While Uchuu Kyodai has its slow moments, as you said, they are doing a good job when it comes to the storytelling and yes, I can’t even recall a series that ran this long and still kept me plastered on my seat. Even I gave up Bakuman at some point but with this one, I can’t see myself dropping this flat out… Unless a rare case forced me to but that’s a different matter.


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