Power Overwhelming

This fucking kid!

They did a good job in showing how much a person can change after experiencing power. As such with Satoru’s case who went from being a dickhead who’s getting it together to an uber annoying asshole. Man, that guy would’ve turned out to be a criminal if he never had his powers under wraps. Perhaps if all of them didn’t undergo that harsh sealing process, history would’ve literally repeated itself, with the newer generation turning into such monsters.

I have to commend Saki though for bypassing that mantra. Be it a work of science or mystical teachings wrapped in the like, the way she saw through the act just because she listened through that weird Kyubey earlier shows how much she is taking things seriously. I wonder what will happen though after this petty adventure or if it would ever end. With Satoru reaching his limit, I guess things might just look grim.


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