As the Beast Stirs

Sometimes, I wonder if Jonah was meant to be Koko’s shackles or if everyone around her served such a purpose, in this case, R. After all, the bonds that they shared isn’t that usual for a guns dealer and her goons. Sure, Koko is their client and they are merely employees serving under her but let’s face it, these guys are close that they act more like Koko’s real family.

That aside, if there was an episode that appealed to me emotionally, this is it. I really love how this episode was directed. The emotional breakdown of Koko during the ambush, Jonah’s paralysis with that drug, R’s badass sacrifice, Koko’s retribution, Hex’s despair. Everything fell into their proper place that I can’t help myself but be at awe at how they managed to build everything up for this moment and wrap it nicely. It’s as if the emotion, the tension, and the resolution imploded in one go.

It’s still unclear if that was the end of Operation Undershaft but with both his arms gone, I doubt Bookman will be able to steer things back on track. On that note, I wonder what Koko’s grand scheme was, that she needed Jonah to be her personal conscience for it. That or perhaps, the boy may serve a different purpose?


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  1. x
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 15:59:25

    This was a rush. Caught me by surprised :), even if I was half expecting this episode to have a much faster pacing after the previous two that set up the stage for this one. As for the grand scheme, I have no idea :p. I’m wondering if Koko fell in love with this boy and just decided to “adopt” him ^^; ? There are probably other reasons, but I wonder if they might be secondary to this :p.


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