And she did it again!


Honestly, this chick is a monster! I don’t even…

Image from cowboybibimbop’s soup

… *nosebleed*

The comedy component toned down in this episode but the seiyuu’s voices made up for it. To think that this newbie is able to go side by side with Minorin’s pacing. And yeah, Anna is definitely a strong contender. I guess I prefer her more than Akito’s childhood friend.

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  1. x
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 10:53:59

    What’s with the hesitant childhood friends ^^;? I know they are probably the easiest to use to prolong the story, but are they really all that interesting? There seem to be one in most of these stories.

    Akiko did almost nothing but screamed in the second part XD. Yeah, Ibuki Kido is really good at this :p. Silver Link also did a great job with the art and animation for that sequence. As for Anna, well she is a pretty good troll :D. Even though the comedy was toned down, I find myself enjoying this episode more than the previous ones ^^;.


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