Truth of the World

What if the history you grew up with was a lie? A propaganda to subdue the present to avoid the conflict learned from the past?

The first part of this episode was slow, with Satoru being an annoying asshole, especially with his tendency to grab the spotlight. There’s really nothing much of interest though I do commend the atmosphere generated in that it showed how normal these kids are and how I believe things will change now that they got contact with what they thought to be an urban legend.

I honestly wonder how much the people struggled? From the snippets shown in today’s episode, the powerless humans resisted against the psychics with the use of ancient weaponry. If this being is a construct made of machinery and human science that stored in itself a record of human civilization, how come they battled such powers using swords and a handful of explosives? Where are the guns and lasers and flashbangs that seem to work effectively against these psychics?

Just what happened to humanity?


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