A Path to Violence

I have a feeling that this series will deviate from the manga along the way but let’s hope I’m dead wrong.

For someone who has read the manga, this episode should bore me. Like with how Mirai Nikki bored me since I somewhat remember what happens, Medaka Box is no exception… Except for the fact that they do their jobs so damn well to capture and rekindle the feeling that manga readers had for the anime adaptation. And this isn’t limited to this episode only. Even the previous season of Medaka Box kept me watching despite knowing what will happen.

And the biggest contributor to this, the seiyuu.

Let me express how amazed I was with Mariya Ise and Aki Toyosaki’s Number Speak. To spat out such jargon while maintaining the emotion conveyed during their conversation got me fired up. Yes, that simple clash of incomprehensible numbers GOT ME FIRED UP! I really admire the effort they did. To talk that fast and make it feel so natural, holding up a conversation befitting for the introductions of Abnormals.

Medaka Box will start going nonsense (much, much nonsensical) at this point but this episode somehow reminded me of the logic and science behind the abnormality. That despite the fact that it is hard to understand, there is a way to decipher Unzen Myouga’s speech and that in itself is proof, or rather, the deception, that this series is still comprehensible.

Please be voiced by Akira Ishida!!!

And it’s not just the episode, the moment the OP song kicks in and I saw familiar faces that SHOULD NEVER BE SPOILED IN THIS ARC appear, I just had to admit that what they did is a good strategy. For manga readers, these guys are off by a huge mark. It’ll probably take another season to introduce these guys properly yet what they did is give off the feeling of excitement, the illusion that the possibility of the series catching up with the good stuff of the manga exists.

I do hope they don’t rush things from here on since I want to thoroughly enjoy the 13 party and, if anything, I want that guy to appear as this series’ finale.


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  1. x
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 04:05:18

    As with any twelve/thirteen episode anime, rushing is always a worry. Having said that, so far so good. I like what they have done so far. Then again, I don’t mind if they cut short some of the long dragged out battles from the manga though :p.


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