The Sweetest Lie

Koichoco did provide decent entertainment for this season with its potential, manifested in its animation, voice cast, and characters, but still left me quite unsatisfied. I really felt that it didn’t exert enough effort in showcasing each heroine in their respective arcs. They could’ve exploited more off the characters and have given a much meaningful depth but well, whatever.

I guess I can never really get too comfy with Visual Novel adaptations -___-


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  1. x
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 23:17:30

    Well, it wasn’t too bad, aside from being too fast paced with too much crammed into the little time they had. A good anime adaptation of a VN almost always need more than twelve episodes in my opinion. Even some of the better ones with twelve episodes (like Mashiro-iro Symphony) could have been much more with more episodes.

    This was one of the better VN adaptation of the summer season (not that there were that many competition :p). The only other adaptation I bothered to have a look was Arcana and it didn’t even meet my low expectations ^^;. I’ll admit I didn’t watch Hakuouki (second season), hence have no idea how that turned out :p.


  2. x
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 21:11:06

    Forgot to mention one thing: He opened his eyes!!!! XD


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