Harvesting [Plot] Devices

I was actually skeptical with this ending not until reason came out and made sense to everything

I don’t really know when it began but for some reason, Oda Nobunaga has been branded by fiction as a demon and to be honest, this show is no different. Oda Nobuna is on the verge of that same fate if it weren’t for the plot device that have been conveniently planted during the first half of this series.

And to be honest, it makes sense how Nobuna’s wake-up call is quite valid. The plot device has always been there, right under our noses. There’s no cliche or improbability that happened such as Sagara arriving in time to stop her or Nobuna’s retainers pacifying her anger. The element for Nobuna’s salvation has always been there. She merely forgot about it and was reminded by the oath that Sagara made. And I don’t think it’s too convenient since the trap has been set up episodes ago and all it needed was for an event to trigger Sagara’s promise.

Summing it up, this episode series did a good job in preparing and reaping the rewards of its plot devices. Well, there were a few surprises a few episodes back but overall, unlike most series nowadays where things and resolutions came out of nowhere, Oda Nobuna really did a good investment in its plot and characters. One of the series I originally underestimated turned out to be one of the better series worth watching this season.

Iif I’m not mistaken, that chick at the end would be Takeda… Does this hint strongly of a second season?! YES PLEASE!!


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  1. x
    Sep 26, 2012 @ 00:55:43

    Yeah, this was one of the better series with only twelve episodes I’ve watched recently. I’d argue this was the best gender swapped sengoku oriented anime I’ve ever watched ^^;.

    As for a second season, well, I hope it will turn out at least as good as this season if they make one.


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