A Fitting End

WOOOOHOOOO!!! That satisfying feeling of seeing this motherfucker sliced in half!!


While the animation quality felt lacking, I still find this finale to be totally enjoyable. Well, aside from Haru kicking Noumi’s pathetic ass midair, seeing how he skillfully abuses the Incarnate system to infinitely recharge Sky Raker’s Gale Thruster was pretty much hax. And let me say this, that moment when Haru teared up and welcomed back his wings, man I shed manly tears for him on that scene. There was something magical and epic about it, something compelling with how Haru has been struggling hard without his wings and how having it back causes him to shine even brighter.

And yes, I was wondering how powerful Haru is with both his wings and Gale Thruster equipped and man, the results were insanely devastating. The fact that he can fly that fast and use his laser sword to cut through any enemy with speed you can’t possibly dodge is one terrifying thought.

Manipulating like a boss!!

And while people have already figured out Chiyu’s alliance by now, I still have to admit that seeing her heal Dusk Taker is still a pretty infuriating sight. They really did a good job animating her betrayal but let’s face it, Chiyu is definitely way more scary than Noumi’s manipulative attempts. The fact that she had manipulated him instead in order to level up peacefully and improve her ability makes this bitch fucking scary. Back it up with her ability to turn back time and… yeah, I do wonder how much she can undo against an enemy. As it stands, her special move is definitely, one of the potentially game breaking skills out there. And for some reason, it make sense. I guess Chiyu has always been fixated with the past, with the three of her best friends having fun together so I guess it’s fitting for her to have such a power.

But goddammit! What’s with chicks having series past issues? Are Chiyu and Chifuyu cousins or something?

With the reconciliation between Sky Raker and Black Lotus, will she frequent the guild now? I wonder how she’ll be able to fight though in a wheelchair?

Overall, Accel World is one series that DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Sure, it may have its moments of fail, from animation quality to sometimes, rushed plot progression, but overall, this definitely delivered the entertainment with its setting while supplying a good amount of character development. Some characters you love, some you hate, for being who they are or for whatever reason, they make this series quite memorable…. Yes even that motherfucking Noumi.


Let’s not forget the fact that this series is backed up with a good musical score and a powerful voice cast. I may not know who Misawa Sachika is before but this time, i’ll most probably associate her with that hawt, OP, smug-faced beauty. And yes, Yuuki Kaji. His role as Shu from the previous Guilty Crown, may have not sit well with me but I honestly welcome his voice as Haruyuki. That meek, lost child voice of his really makes the cut for Haru’s character.



Even Megu wants Haru to eat her jelly

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  1. x
    Sep 23, 2012 @ 22:50:30

    lol. What an ending! I couldn’t believe it: Chiyu was really Kurohime’s informant after all ^^;? Of all my wild guesses, this one was true :p? Any ways, this was good. Good ending to a good series. It had its faults, but this was really well executed in my opinion. Most two cour anime have not sustained high interest for me almost every episode. This one did (even the episodes that focused on Noumi :p), and the only other anime this season that sustained high interest all the way was Hyouka :).

    Having said all that, after watching this anime to the end, and after watching twelve episodes of SAO, I’m starting to get the impression that Reki Kawahara really knows how to build an interesting world to live in, but isn’t that good at writing characters, and worst still at plot writing :p. Few things covered for this deficiency in Accel World for me:
    – The relationships between the characters were compelling.
    – The battle actions were cool :p.
    – The well timed distractions when the drama and plot was getting boring or annoying XD.

    I think I’d love to watch a sequel to this anime ;).


  2. baka~
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 23:22:28

    Well, I’m not really sure with how good Reki Kawahara is overall but I do agree in how beautiful the settings he imagine. As for the characters, I guess SAO suffered more due to bad direction. If it was portrayed differently, then we may actually see the chemistry between the characters.

    As for the well-timed distractions in AW, that is definitely good directing. Everything was cohesive even if there were moments of failure and I’d prefer than over SAO’s progression.


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