Cheese Level: Asuna

Asuna knows how to sway hopeless romantics… Goddamn you Kirito! You lucky asshole!!

So this episode actually covered A LOT of Asuna’s lovey dovey moments while Kirito continues to be a dick. Of course, this also features Yui and how she completes the family picture, bringing along the fact that she is some sort of anomaly that conveniently landed on the protagonists’ laps. They’ll most likely dig deeper in the mystery that surrounds her and learn some game-related stuff.

Most adults in SAO are assholes… Bias much?

Even though this episode is focused on Yui’s introduction and Asuna’s moments, it makes me wonder how old some of the people are in this game and how they have been coping up with their lives in SAO? I know it isn’t common for grownups to play an MMO but for children that could possibly be even under their teens? Well, I guess nobody expected that a harmless video game could turn into a serious fight for one’s survival.

I think this game handles the adult stuff quite well… Too bad though, no NPC banging

Doesn’t matter, had sex

Who the fuck in their right minds would lose interest in Asuna?!

Nobody pisses off Asuna-mama and gets away with it


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 05:32:43

    Sigh. Character portrayal is more compelling in this episode, but still feel too rushed and the characters give a too generic feel :p. Well, if they had more episodes like this in the earlier part of the season I might have decided to watch to the end ;). Still, this episode was more enjoyable than many of the previous ones :).


  2. feal87
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 17:03:58

    Agreed with X, the relationship has been rushed…it feel “unnatural” and weird..:|


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