Correcting the Future

I don’t think this Almagemachina War was ever brought up in detail but I have a feeling that Keima will be stuck in the past for a bit longer. After all, the events that will unfold in this timeline will reveal Vinatge’s origins, as well as their intentions. Aside of course from the fact that Keima would have to improve Dokurou’s personality, not just so that he could go back in his timeline, but I guess, to groom her to be the said ‘Hero’ of the war; Which is probably the intentions of the goddesses all along.

Being reminded of Haqua’s conversation with Dokurou makes me feel that, despite Keima’s attempts in changing her to be such a hero, there must’ve been something that have happened where her mindset changed. Where she realized that she has failed her mission of correcting the past and that’s the reason why she had to die.

Well, things certainly are interesting.

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  1. x
    Sep 08, 2012 @ 06:22:27

    Well, this was confusing :p. Feels like Wakaki is purposely creating paradoxes just to get on my nerves ^^;. Well, if this Dokurou is the Dokurou we know, then at this point in time there are two of them, and one with an artificial body? So how does this work? Where does Dokurou come from? What is Dokurou? Which Dokurou came first? We have at least three I think:
    – The one with the artificial body in hell
    – The one that Keima met in the school
    – The one that Keima met in the “past” on the ship

    I wonder how Keima is going to bring Dokurou “home”. Does his old house have more space to hide girls from him mother :p? Or is he going to do what he did when Kanon got stabbed ^^; ? Or is this where the first “illegitimate daughter” excuse was used :p?


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