Junior White Knight

It’s weird to watch this series after knowing how some of the seiyuu bullied one of their kind. Maybe that’s the reason I’m reluctant to write anything about Kokoro Connect right now. But y’know, after watching this episode, I can’t help but appreciate how good and thought-out this series is and how unfortunate that the story is being affected by such a scandal.

So drawing a line should help me isolate reality from this series’ progression.

Moving on…

Did Aoki really have that presence even before? Taichi commended him on having the idea that made him thought of a plan to save Yui and thus, Aoki was able to devise one on his own, allowing him to become Yui’s white knight that is capable of proving his worth. Well, I guess characters like him tend to go under the radar but I find it… weird or rather, convenient, to have his salvation run right under our my nose.

But I guess it’s one of his good points. Unlike the main character who barges doors and shows off, he’s just discreet with these things. And as revealed, he regretted not being able to do something regarding Yui’s phobia because he thinks and acts that way. Well, he redeemed himself this time around so medetashi~ medetashi~

Or not…

As hinted by Inaba’s conversation with Heartseed and next episode’s preview, it seems that Inaba’s feelings for Taichi and her friendship with Iori causes her problems. And is probably the reason why she’s avoiding them all along. Well, I don’t really know what to do with this since a love triangle is one of the greatest difficulties in a romance… Unless you commit yourself to a harem then that’s a whole new level. But going back, I wonder how things are going to be resolved at this point.


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  1. x
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 20:52:29

    One more episode to go. Wonder how things will “resolved” ^^;. Well, I don’t expect anything to get resolved, except perhaps the gang sort of move one small step forward in accepting themselves more (specially Inaba).

    Next arc is going to be only three episodes :(, I bet it’s going to feel rushed compared to what we have seen so far. After that, no more broadcast. Will have to wait and see when the last four episodes will show up ^^;. In my opinion, whoever planned this made a mess. Makes me wonder if said real life drama had caused some of this mess (then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Silver Link shot themselves in the foot even without the drama :p).


  2. baka~
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 23:26:16

    you know, ending this series in under 12 episodes is fine as long as they stay true to the source content. otherwise, they’re bullshitting the viewers by adding some episodes for the sake of compensating Ichiki


  3. Keiri
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 00:17:46

    THIS. Instead of trying to save face, the staff just keep on digging deeper holes for themselves.

    And hmm… I wouldn’t say Silver Link had that much of a part in the fiasco although regardless, even a tiny bit of relation is more than enough to trigger the public to aim their cross hairs at you (But yeah, there are people who already hate the studio for messing up other series so they don’t need this incident to pile horse manure on themselves to begin with lol). Anyway, the biggest perpetrator in all this is King Records/Starchild Records or to be more specific, one of their producers, Yamanaka Takahiro, who’s also producing this series in the general and music department. He’s a d!ckhead who’s known for bullying/power harassing seiyuu and this isn’t the first time he arranged something to publicly humiliate some of them.

    With that said, I sincerely hope the dorama doesn’t affect this series in the long run. I’m planning to hop on board watching Kokoro Connect one day myself and perhaps I’d feel awkward going into the show knowing what happened behind it. But really, a lot of people are praising the story for what it’s worth so like baka said, it’s best to just draw a line and focus on its heart without the rest of the filth. It’s probably unfair of the majority to boycott the show’s products when only a few individuals were blameworthy, and everyone else who were innocent and worked hard on the project were accidentally dragged into the fire pit because of the former lot. Then again, this is Japan we’re talking about and they’re srsbzns when it comes to getting their message across that they won’t tolerate crap like this. Be it a misunderstanding by the public or whatever, it was still the guilty party’s fault for failing to show their “so-called” original intentions and aims of that prank, and this caused the misunderstanding in the first place.

    Well whatever happens from now on, the people who are accountable definitely screwed themselves over big time and it’s going to be very hard to mend their reputations regardless of the number of cover-up excuses they give. Many are calling for Yamanaka to be sacked (It’s a damn shame he still hasn’t been fired since his previous shenanigans), and others like Terashima and Kanemoto are really going to have it tough in winning fans back.


  4. x
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 01:03:45


    The three episodes that will cover the next arc adapts from a volume with the same number of chapters as the volume for the current arc. So I’m already not impressed with the planning for this anime regardless of whatever the cause is. Five episodes for the first arc, another five episodes for the second, then suddenly three episodes for the third? Something feels wrong.

    After that, there’s another arc that is said to be OVAs with four episodes. Judging from the chapter titles I’ve seen I’d say it’s at least as major as the three prior arcs if not even more so. It should contain many things we have been waiting for. It would have been a great finale for the anime, if this was done as a 20+ episode anime. Won’t be surprised if these episodes end up as ONAs with bad quality video/audio ^^;. Otherwise it means waiting until next February and March before any signs of the DVD/BDs will appear… OTL.


  5. baka~
    Sep 08, 2012 @ 05:28:36


    I guess you can’t blame seiyuu fans for having such a “divine image” of a seiyuu when they’re not recording. And learning that their seiyuu “acts” in such a way is like a betrayal of sorts so yeah, I guess the seiyuu involved will seriously have a hard time trying to win people over. They may have apologized but people will now doubt their credibility as well as their personality.

    As for the producer, the fact that he’s still on-board despite his previous trolling with other seiyuu means that he has friends in the higher ups. Well, that or no seiyuu really had the courage to speak up against it.

    As for fans boycotting the merchandise, I think it’s the only way they can voice out and make themselves be heard. Sure, people who genuinely had good intentions in producing the anime may be sacrificed but the fault lies in the “packaging” of the product. The fact that this series is represented by the seiyuu is enough reminder that what they do irl will affect their goods. They should’ve really thought it over before deciding to go along Yamanaka’s prank.


    I can’t really imagine the other arcs beyond their current predicament but I could guess that it’ll be filled with a lot more suffering ;D

    That aside, maybe this is some marketing strategy. Separating the arcs in such manner (5-5-3) then having a 4-episode ova arc must be intended to force the people to buy the merchandise.


  6. x
    Sep 08, 2012 @ 05:47:15


    Agree with you on the boycott.

    As for the 4-ep OVA, I’d say it’s really short sighted. Makes me think even less of Silver Link now :p.


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