Spotlight Stolen

God! You may have saved the day but I still want to punch that smug face of yours!

And finally, after that arc of jealousy, Fukube finally gets his moment to shine.

So aside from seeing Chitanda in that lovely yukata and Oreki doing all sorts of shit, what this episode adds up to is the fact that Fukube was able to do something that only he can do and that is, deciphering Oreki’s message. Well, they are friends after all. Whatever pranks that run in their minds can most likely be interpreted by the other.

But that aside, they seem to be rushing the romance between Oreki and Chitanda. Well, they did invest on it properly over the previous episodes but somehow this development is quite a big leap. Well, I guess it is understandable considering it only has 1 more episode before this series ends… Damn, I wish for a second season!!

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  1. x
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 03:47:04

    Well, it’s not a romance series :p. I didn’t even expect to see this much character development when this started ^^;. There’s supposedly one more episode, but the volume of the novel it is adapting from seem to have two more chapters. So unless they cram both chapters in one episode, or maybe it was covered earlier, or they decided to skip the last chapter (all of which seems rather unlikely); there might be another episode after the next one.


  2. feal87
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 03:53:21

    That pic of Houtarou is simply awesome. “Teehee!” 😀

    Now let’s wait for the second season…*_*


  3. x
    Sep 04, 2012 @ 04:26:37

    Well, there is only one more volume of the novel left that’s not adapted, and still no new volumes in sight (last volume was first published in 2010). I have a hard time imagining them making an entire season for that one volume alone. I suppose it is possible for a long dragged out twelve episode anime (this volume has lots of sub-chapters, so it might be possible ^^;). I guess another alternative is that the author might be inspired enough to write a new volume this year, or start writing for the anime directly (seems unlikely, but never say never :p).


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