As Bonds Break

And the roof came down in such short notice. Goddamn, was this episode good or what?! Despite all their measures in keeping it in-check, in the end, they have nothing left but to let it all out. Their hurts and fears, expectations and animosity. Speaking of which, this episode reminded me of AnoHana. All the hurts that they kept inside, resurfacing when Menma was said to appear as a ghost, this episode functioned just like that with their desires going amok as the catalyst.

I have to give props to Inaba for this episode. It is clear how she’s taking this shit seriously, thinking of the consequences and possibilities and doing her best to prevent them and while I can’t say I have a thing against Yui, Inaba’s confrontation to such a pampered princess really shook it all. And I think it’s nice for Inaba to snap like that considering she never had the chance back when they were still switching bodies. I don’t know how close she is from breaking but she’s doing a damn good job keeping it well.

Now Taichi has been a likable character over the past few episodes but he really pissed me off in this one. There’s something annoyingly domineering in his views now that he has his desires unleashed. I couldn’t care less if he acts like a White Knight but raping people with his ideals just made me snap. And to be honest, his approach when he swayed Inaba is totally different when he confronted her in this episode and that difference made it clear how fucking annoying Taichi is if things went his way.



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  1. x
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 17:09:58

    Well, this is like “extreme” week or something. We have Inaba being “extreme” Inaba, Taichi being “extreme” Taichi, of course Yui as well, giving into her fears and desires. Taichi’s charm works on everyone I guess.

    This anime gets better and better, despite lacking in the glitter department compared to many other anime.

    Oh and this episode really made me think Inaba and Taichi suit each other than I assumed before :p.


  2. baka~
    Aug 21, 2012 @ 15:32:50

    I guess the saying “opposites attract” fits both of them perfectly. To be honest, i’m rooting for Inaba x Taichi than with Iori. There’s just something charming between their interactions and chemistry. It’s as if both of them have nothing to hide from each other since both are, in a way, brutally frank,


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