Those left behind

Having Kirito paired up with a different “leading lady” brings out his views of the world of SAO and Lizbeth is no exception. Falling from high places and surviving LIKE A BOSS, I guess Kirito came close to death this time around but was able to survive because of the amounts of STR in his gear. Well, we have to blame Lizzy here for the unnecessary adventure but I guess that blunder she did actually helped Kirito take a look back at the reality of death, which I feel to be a topic that he’s avoiding ever since Sachi died.

And I guess this is where this series suck.

The rushed developments never contribute much to Kirito’s growth. In the end, we are simply witnesses of how much he has changed over the course of the game but we never see the perspective of how a character develop after experiencing such harsh environments. And to be honest, his views about death intrigue me. After that rushed development with Sachi, I was wondering how he viewed his life. Did he ever find redemption after Sachi gave him that present or did he refuse it? And what about the ghost and the murders? Or about that party that was wiped out by a PK guild? All of them revolved around death but we never saw Kirito’s resolve in facing such a familiar topic.

That aside, I was also aching a bit to learn more of Lizbeth’s background. Who were those guys in her picture? Were they dead? And how did she landed up in the world of SAO?

Lastly, let’s compare Lizbeth with Silica.

Silica’s pet died, Kirito saves them, she fell in-love with Kirito. Sounds legit.

Lizbeth was emo from the start, both of them almost died, she fell in-love with Kirito, found Asuna likes him, gets heartbroken. Still sounds Legit but my only concern with Lizbeth started during the 1st few seconds of the episode, just before the OP song ran. Was she depressed because she doesn’t have a boyfriend? Just asking.


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  1. x
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 16:19:00

    Sigh, this girl of the week set up is getting old :p. Well, at least rumour has it, the next episode should get to the “main” arc. Assuming that the current pacing will last through the end of this anime, I think I’ll never find the storytelling satisfying. Almost every episode so far feel like they should have been expanded further and linked together better. Once the “main” arc starts, I wonder if it might end up feeling like a reintroduction all over again ^^;.


  2. baka~
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 17:23:33

    I guess they’re doing this girl of the week thing before Kirito ties with Asuna for the duration of the main story though I wonder. Are all these things that we’ve seen so far an introduction coz I don’t really feel it considering the material is quite rushed in almost all angles.

    And I do wonder what the main content is all about? [Clearing the game, duh??] And why it had to separate these character introductions from the main progression


  3. x
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 18:14:01


    It sure doesn’t look like an introduction, but given that it is the first time we are seeing it, I’d say it’s a clumsy and rushed introduction. I do wonder if the problem might be due to them not being able to get the writer to take a complete break from writing his novels to rewrite these stories in the sequence it appears in the anime :p.

    Also, I still feel that no matter what other issues they have, not enough time was given to these stories. It almost feel like these seven episodes could have been expanded to fill the first half of this anime, with the second half left to cover the main story.

    I’m now wondering if the main story will reach an “ending” of sorts in another five episodes or so (maybe he clears the game in a few more episodes?). After that, a whole new phase of the story will continue (with more “adventures” to be had and more problems to solve). If this is really the direction of this anime, I would say it’s too fast for my liking.


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