Goddamn these bitches!! I don’t really know why they hid the rules from Keima but if those strokes indicate the number of retries that Keima could take, then he just lost 1 important life in this mission. And take note, I doubt this would end once Keima is able to talk it out with this girl.

If he has to capture her, it will take time and one failure in his approach may prove fatal, resetting everything and having him lose another life.

My guess here is that, losing all his lives will make him forever stuck in the past. That or whatever this event is will trigger some apocalypse in the present and the reason why they had Keima Time Leap to the past is to avoid such an event.

Well, in a typical Kaminomi fashion, there’s the capture target and the conditions, but with these more difficult rules in the mix, I’m interested in how Keima plans on making the most of his limited retries.

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  1. x
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 13:08:17

    More hints about Tenri. Almost as if Wakaki is emphasising over and over again to the readers that it is Tenri that’s leading this effort, not Diana (which I notice a lot of people were totally confused and/or refused to believe that Tenri could do such a thing ^^; ).

    Okay, here’s the thing I don’t like about time travel stories, “live” communication between different times, and all that junk. How does that even work :p? Why would a “space time disturbance” caused by something that supposedly happen ten years ago suddenly cause an effect at this particular moment in time ^^;? Why is time travel to the past taking up time in the “present” as well ^^;? Gah, I should just ignore the time travel junk and just enjoy the story :p.

    Any chance, some of the goddesses and/or hosts might fool around with Keima’s body while he is “away” ;)?


  2. baka~
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 13:34:28


    I think I now understand why you haven’t watched Steins;Gate

    But I do agree that time/space issues like that are confusing and more often than not, messes up the logical flow of the story. Anyways, just as you said, let’s just enjoy this and see what comes next.

    As for the Goddesses making a ruckus because of Keima’s body… That’s a nice idea. I wonder if Wakaki would like to treat us with a chapter of that. XD


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