The Future Awaits

Delishuz Sawa is DELISHUZ!!

After Wakana’s issues, I guess this episode is a prologue to Sawa’s and Wien’s internal struggles. Well, it needs no mention how much people easily found themselves comfortable with Sawa’s lively nature but to be honest, I’m looking forward more to Wien’s struggle since I somehow feel the connection between our personalities.

Is this dilemma of his brought upon by him transferring or is this caused by a complex that he developed before? He feels like a lost child and similar with how I see myself, most of the time, the path that is right for us to take is quite vague. What future do we see and from where do we came from?

But I guess this story would opt to tackle first Sawa’s dilemma. If anything, I guess there’s a weight requirement to participate in the event and Sawa isn’t cut for it (guess her boobs weigh a lot), forcing her to diet harshly. I wonder if she’ll be okay after this.

** While it was certainly enjoyable seeing Tanaka go tsun~ tsun~ I’m quite envious of the lucky bastard. Take my jelly damn you!


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  1. x
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 08:35:22

    Sigh, will there be enough episodes left to focus on any of the boys properly at this rate? :p

    Tanaka sure need to learn some tact ^^;. He has the right ideas, but the wrong approach, though that’s just typical anime portrayal.

    Wien feels like an overly sheltered child suddenly exposed to the world and is expected to magically know what he needs and wants to do. Reminds me of my teenage years. Searching hard, but never seem to figure things out enough to make real sense of anything, no matter how much I learned :p. Well, not that I’ve figured things out more since that time either XD.


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