Mind = Blown

This episode and how everything adds up together is FUCKING BRILLIANT! Who would’ve thought that Ibara and Satoshi’s issues form the bigger picture themed: Inferiority Complex?

From the perspective of Jirou, Ayako, and Satoshi, Kugeyama, Anjou, and Oreki are natural born geniuses. These people do their ‘thing’ so effortlessly that their ‘hard work’ pales in comparison. In the end, they are forced to relegate themselves to work behind the scenes, supporting their ‘friends’, admiring their talents, and setting up expectations for them. Because they have resigned themselves to the fact that what they hope to do, they could always do better; Flawless, effortless, and perfect.

In a way, this episode was painful because I understood how they (Jirou, Ayako, Satoshi) felt. Accepting defeat is not easy, it never was. No amount of smiles or admiration could hide the pain of resignation. To admit that the years you spent was taken away in an instant, there could be no humiliation that can be compared to such a fate.

While there is no clear resolution on how things would proceed, especially in Satoshi’s case, I’m quite satisfied with the conclusion of this Juumoji incident. It was a surprise character development event that provided a new perspective on Satoshi and Ibara’s character and how they view the people they look up to.

Well, I guess these things are quite common whenever we would admire someone. A mix of awe and envy, acceptance, resignation, and defeat, and the will to surpass that big wall that you look up to or to become the pillar of support so that they would shine even brighter. I guess most friends have it tough.


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  1. x
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 19:46:11

    Aside from feeling a little rushed, this episode was perfect. Everything was mostly resolved in an instant. Oreki worked harder than I thought he would (carrying 30 volumes to the bicycle shed :p?). Ibara and Fukube seem to have accepted things better than I thought they would, even if things hasn’t really changed. As for Chitanda and Irisu… I guess Irisu regretted teaching Chitanda the technique :p. Feels a bit of a cop out just to get Chitanda back to normal, but this is more in character I suppose.

    So with three or four episodes left, what will the remaining part of this anime bring?


  2. baka~
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 00:06:41

    Well, we have yet to see “that” person that Irisu was talking with during the movie arc so he/she may probably make an appearance during the remaining episodes. I do wonder though what kind of impact “that” person would make especially around Oreki.


  3. x
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 08:25:06


    That depends on the identity of “that” person I guess. Of the five volumes of the novel, they’ve completed the first three with this episode. Fourth volume seem to be a collection of short stories (first three chapters seem to have been covered already. Will they cover the fifth volume? Makes me wonder if the identity of “that” person is properly revealed in one of the chapters in the fourth volume or maybe in the fifth volume? Or will we go into anime original material from now on (maybe with a few more chapters from the fourth volume)?


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