Overwhelmed by Feelings



So I guess this new “game” is meant to push people past their limits. As seen as how things can become quite uncontrolled, I wonder how Inaba and Iori can hold their sanity. Well, Taichi doesn’t look that harmful but for the girls who seem to be capable of suppressing their emotions really well, this may act like a double-edged sword especially as long as relationships are concerned.

As for Yoshifumi, I guess this is another chance to make him reveal his true self. I was quite bummed out by the fact that they cut his rage scene but I’m really curious as to how much devoted he is to Yui.

That aside, I wonder how they would act. Despite Inaba saying the grounds on how to stop this thing, I still have my doubts since emotions and personalities are what makes a person… A person. If they try to avoid stress-inducing topics, there are no guarantees that rage mode won’t trigger. If they “relieve” themselves (that sounds naughty) of their stress then it wouldn’t be so much different with them activating their rage mode. I guess Yoshi’s suggestion of helping each other out is the only way to stop this.

I have to admit though, this new experiment spices things up and makes things quite interesting. They already put themselves in each other’s shoes so they know the threshold of their emotions. I guess what this plans to achieve is to determine how powerful their bonds are that they are able to keep each other intact. That or perhaps Heartseed is planning on achieving something different. No matter, this bastard had us good so might as well watch through it all and wait until he reveals his schemes.


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  1. x
    Aug 12, 2012 @ 19:03:31

    This episode really made me wonder if I was dreaming XD. This is amazing. Is this really a Silver Link produced anime :p? The pacing is great. The art and animation is good. The colours are nice most of the time ;). This story is told really well. The new ED is fantastic. This anime is becoming one of my favourites this season ^^;.

    Despite being probably more than a little unfairly sceptical about this anime when it first started, I’ve come to find it very compelling after the last episode and this one. Part of it I think it’s due to Inaba’s portrayal I suppose. Being someone who has/had similar issues with trust (and value the secrets I keep), I sort of empathise with her more than many other characters in anime that I’ve watched.

    As for the various ways suggested to avoid getting emotional and act on impulse, if it were that easy, Heartseed would say it was boring and change the game again. I see Inaba breaking down again after this, hopefully to at least shine a light as to the real issue behind her mistrust. Taichi is in for more trouble ^^;. Hope he doesn’t break. Though if he really act on impulse without inhibition at all, I wonder how long even he can maintain his sanity…


  2. baka~
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 00:03:49

    If they only did this to Tasogare Otome then things would’ve made sense and that adaptation would’ve been quite memorable, if not, enjoyable.

    Well, from how things are, either Inaba or Inori would serve as this series’ boss. Where, in terms of Keima, capturing one of them would be quite difficult especially due to their complexes.

    On another hand, Yui may turn out to be violent “unleashed” but I wonder how would she be able to freely express herself with Yoshi. I have this nagging feeling that he’ll put some stress to her in order to finally learn her deepest desires and this may somehow affect Taichi.

    As far as Heartseed is concerned, I guess he has no plans of letting this “game” end. Should they manage to overcome this, he might be able to set up another situation, more outrageous than the previous one. It makes me wonder though what his intentions truly are and I doubt it has something to do with fascination over 5 youths =/


  3. x
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 08:15:02

    Well, given the nature of this story, do you expect this “game” to ever end? The novel is still ongoing, so I expect that unless we will see an anime original ending, there may never be an end to this “game” and we may never find out his intentions.

    I’m tempted to start reading the novel :p, but will try to hold out till the end of the season at least (not to mention that not that many volumes have been translated yet, right now it is in the middle of volume one, with a self admitted “very slow” active translator XD).

    Looking at the novel chapter titles, this episode is the start of the story in volume two (all the previous episodes was from volume one). Also from the chapter titles, each volume seem to start a new arc with a new phase to the “game” that Heartseed is “playing”. I wonder if they will cover volume three (there are eight volumes published currently). I suspect there might not be enough time for volume three, but that makes me wonder what they are going to do for the remaining episodes. Though I suppose they could drag it out more than the first arc, since episode five was a little rushed in my opinion. Hope for more seasons I guess, there’s definitely a lot more material where this came from (with eight volumes and counting…).


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