I guess I’m quite disappointed with Satoshi’s intentions for this arc. Well, I initially didn’t want to believe it but I guess he really is jealous of Houtarou’s ability to solve “mystery” on his own, or rather, to connect facts and information so that one may derive a solution.

Et tu, Satoshi

Does this mean that his statement during the earlier episodes where he sees himself as a database only an excuse to hide his jealousy and his inability to land a more dynamic role in the solution of a mystery? I personally think that there are only some things that Satoshi can do and being a database is one of his defining qualities.

But asking for something he isn’t capable of feels a bit too much. I wonder what his motivation is? Did he regret seeing Houtarou being capable of doing such feats yet wasting the opportunity to bask in the limelight?

I still hold a grudge against Ibara (and Satoshi actually) ever since that OVA but I think the humiliation she received in this episode felt too much. Well, she deserved retribution for acting high and mighty with Oreki but seeing how she hardly stands up during the incidents incites a mix of pity and frustration.

Where the fuck was that stuck up bitch who was patronizing Oreki during the OVA? WHERE IS SHE?!

Man, Oreki should’ve said to her what she said to him back then, going along the lines of “seeing you like this is annoying”. GOD DAMMIT! Y U NO FIGHT ANYMORE IBARA?!

Tsk, guess all she can do is bully Oreki and be a wuss with everybody else.


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  1. x
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 01:35:19

    Well, this is probably why I empathise with Fukube’s frustration with Ibara. Her unwillingness to stand up for herself in the manga club isn’t easy to watch. However, I do understand her rationale. With the way the manga club is run, making a fuss about the way she is treated (at least with the way she does it to Oreki), probably will not work out too well. Put it another way, the only reason she gets away with doing what she did to Oreki, is just because Oreki finds it too much trouble to fight back, and he actually cares about the friendship he has with her and the rest of the club. The manga club looks to me like a hostile environment pretending to be a friendly place where people share their interest. It makes the fiasco in the previous arc about the movie look mild in comparison to me.

    Back at episode four, when Fukube and Oreki were cycling to Chitanda’s house. Oreki asked if he was enjoying himself. Fukube answered that he was living more than a “colourful life” (what Oreki described as “shocking pink”), that he will always be himself, and wouldn’t try to fit in. That, I think is the mask he has been using to hide his jealousy.

    I think what Fukube wants is just to be able to shine on his own terms, but his seeming lack of success makes him envious of what Oreki can do. Not to mention Oreki seem to do it almost effortlessly from his point of view (though Oreki would probably beg to differ :p). From my perspective, the fact that some people seem to see Fukube as rival of sorts, shows that they do acknowledge his ability to some extent. Though that is not very satisfying for him I suppose.


  2. baka~
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 15:19:18

    Well, Ibara may have a thing when it comes to manga but I was wondering why continue to stay in such an environment? It doesn’t look like she’s having fun anymore and her inspiration (Corpse by Evening) is not even with her. My admiration for doing something reckless would go so far but seeing as what she’s doing is utter stupidity, I just can’t understand her thought process behind it.

    And now that you mentioned it, Fukube has been quite good at masking his emotions when it comes to Oreki. I guess it’s naturally for him to be jealous of Oreki’s talents though I wonder which direction this series would take in order for Fukube to redeem himself.


  3. x
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 16:34:23


    I’m just speculating, but maybe Ibara just never thought of doing certain activities outside of clubs? She seem to have some fixed ideas about how one should do activities, and she can be rather stubborn about doing things the “proper way”.

    Will Fukube be redeemed in this arc itself? I’m not sure. As for the future direction of this anime, I’m starting wonder if they might go for a more anime original storyline after this arc or if this arc will last to the end. There aren’t that many episodes left, and I don’t think the remaining material in the novel volumes will actually fit.

    I’ve not read the novel (aside from the first couple of chapters in the first volume), but based on the chapter titles I’ve seen, it would seem like what they’ve covered so far reaches the third volume. Fourth volume seem to be a collection of side stories. Some chapters in volume four seem to have been covered by the anime in episode one, six and seven I think. There’s a fifth volume that seem to be completely untouched (and I doubt this anime will be able to cover it at all).


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