Follow the Leader


As Sagara continues to increase his harem, we again indulge ourselves in another great character development episode.

Despite Sagara being Nobuna’s retainer, I won’t be surprised if she challenged him to a duel after all this. Despite not having an army, he does have the charisma and the capability to lead. He has Goemon and Inuchiyo on his side and now, the cutest and brightest mage that this series could offer.


It’s not surprising how devoted Sagara is to Nobuna’s cause, I have to say that the execution of this episode to emphasize what Sagara sees in her is nicely done. Well, it may be cliche in the sense but this is one cliche that’s not overly cheesy for my taste and yeah, the complimentary GAR lines haven’t been a bore as long as this series is concerned.

While I admit that there’s nothing really moving with this episode, I just find it compelling to admire the entirety of it. Oda Nobuna may not really be the kind of anime that would stand out but it’s surprisingly good in its own league and the characters really are invested imo.

I assume that Mino would fall by the next episode. What happens after that? World Domination? (OF COURSE!!)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. x
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 03:02:56

    More enjoyable than I expected. So how many more will he gain :p? One per episode? Or more than that? ^^;


  2. darkness447
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 13:27:38

    Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog..


  3. baka~
    Aug 08, 2012 @ 15:09:40

    Well, I guess this is one of the reasons why this series just won’t stand out despite the promise that it shows. The episodic harem captures are a treat and the character development is quite good but the skirmishes and war setting are losing its touch.


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