Of Bugs and Exploits

Is it me or is SAO getting better after Silica’s arc? Unlike the previous episodes where things just felt rushed, I like how they invested the pacing of this episode. Then again, I guess these things are a staple as long as mysteries are concerned and I couldn’t remember an episodic-mystery anime get resolved in one episode.

Well, mystery aside, we get to see Asuna team up with Kirito again though, I was wondering how they met again earlier since, according to Egil’s comments, Kirito has always been going at it with Asuna. I think these things may not even be that important but I’m quite interested with these peculiarities.

I mean, the world may be small (figuratively) in an mmo but what are the chances of Asuna surviving the early levels and even rising along the ranks of one of the top guilds and to top it off, as a Vice Commander?! You have to admit, that is some skill she has there.

Unlike the previous interaction that she had when she teamed up with Kirito when they were still lowbies, her attitude did boost up, if I say, a bit overboard. I don’t know if it’s her title of “Lighting Flash” or the position of Vice Commander but comparing her to the shy and silent girl from back then, she did come a long way.

Well, she may be strict and all but I’m glad that Kirito is able to influence her, even if a bit, with his gamer logic. Ever since this ordeal started, everyone has been going all out but I think Kirito is the only one capable of appreciating the beauty of the game world. Well, it is understandable why everyone would become serious all of a sudden but all work and no play would make a person dull and boring.

Lastly, I’m quite interested with how these murders are happening. And not just from the player side of things but I’m wondering if Kayaba is planning to do something with things like bugs. Well, I don’t know how much of a genius programmer he is but I guess bugs are inevitable in any software development. The question is, how is that killer exploiting this? What’s the trick behind this murders?

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  1. x
    Aug 05, 2012 @ 14:48:02

    Yeah, it’s getting better. Still find the character portrayal a bit lacking though. I’m probably expecting too much after watching a few seasons of animes with great character portrayal :p.

    SAO rules may be fair, but it doesn’t mean it will always be flawless even if it is “bugless” in the software sense. Which may seem unrealistic, but should be plausible to a certain extent, if proper testing and development procedures are followed correctly, infinite resources, proper management, along with a perfect genius designer ;). Even if it is “bugless”, it may have other flaws that reveal itself only when players start to play it (since it is not always possible to predict what players will do exactly). Exploiting game rules, no matter how mature the rules are, is nothing new. Sometimes it’s not even due to the weakness of the game rules themselves, but how the players unintentionally/unknowingly expose themselves to danger.


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