The Reunion

Don’t disrespect Sayoko like this!!

God! This OVA had me laughing my heart out! It’s been years since Geass ended but seeing the cast get together like this is quite a treat. Well, aside from the reunion, the abundance of fanservice and references made this episode was totally enjoyable and most definitely, the FABULOUS seiyuu cast!


Lelouch you siscon!

Did they crop this out to prepare another meme?

Meh?! Trollsubs FTW!

A new version of Spinzaku?

Yukana and CC... SO MUCH WIN!!!

And yes, Geass won't be Geass without this mofo's evil laugh ~ HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE

Lastly, thanks to Trollsubs/GG/NotGG… WHOEVER YOU GUYS ARE for subbing this! XD


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